Friday , 28 November 2014

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Broken Traffic Lights Mean Stop

Strip District Traffic Lights

In light of the recent power outages caused by wind, Boring Pittsburgh is issuing a friendly reminder that broken lights become stop signs by default. After seeing a PAT bus blow right through a broken traffic light in the Strip District, we realized that many drivers in this city treats these intersections like green lights. Hopefully yinz will see this ... Read More »

Root 174 Does Thanksgiving Justice


Keith Fuller has tradition that reminds us how to celebrate Thanksgiving. Each year, the chef and owner of ROOT 174 in Regent Square, sets up a place at the dinner table for anyone in the restaurant industry with nowhere to go. The last Thursday in November is about more than camping out in front of big box department stores so the ... Read More »

New Bike Lane in Schenley Park

Bike Lane in Schenley Park

New bike lanes were installed in Schenley Park  after a promise made by Bill Peduto back in July. These new lanes are just the beginning of remapping the Burgh for bikes. We are looking forward to the day when all of th ebike lanes connect without gaps. It’s nice to see a mayor having the right idea and keeping his ... Read More »

Da Beard is Staying in Da Burgh!

Brett Keisel Steelers Truck

After midday rumors that Brett Keisel was flying to Arizona for a physical, news has been released by the beard himself that he will remain with the Pittsburgh Steelers (for at least another year). I am very excited to finish what I started in 2002 with the @steelers. Time to get to work!! #SteelerNation #DaBeardNation -Brett Keisel Welcome back, Beard! ... Read More »