Thursday , 29 January 2015

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First of its Kind Horror Film to be Made in Pittsburgh with Your Help

Brew House Pittsburgh Kickstarter Horror Film

If the living inhabitants of Pittsburgh aren’t exciting enough then what about the dead? Filmmakers John Sabatine and Vince Yanni use forgotten Pittsburgh corners as the backdrop for their upcoming horror film, “Brew House”. In the film, five urban explorers take their popular internet show into an abandoned distillery in search of local history and decay. In classic Pittsburgh fashion, ... Read More »

BREAKING: Local News Stations Resolve to Become Better in 2015

Pittsburgh News Stations: WPXI WTAE KDKA

Trending: WPXI misspelled the name of Pittsburgh’s most poplar sandwich creator. Really? There has been an increasing amount of misspellings slipping into the titles of so-called new stories lately. It’s hard to believe that this is simply a result of careless publishing. Is it a ploy to get people’s attention and more mentions on Twitter? The first reaction of anyone who ... Read More »

Burgh Goin’ Up (Yinzer Remix)

Burgh Going Up Yinzer Remix

The Mayor Mike Jax has done it again with another hit yinzer remix, this time following the Steelers entrance into the playoffs. Listen and share the song with everyone you know in the Steeler Nation! Follow @mikejax and catch him on WAMO 100.1 FM weekdays 3-7pm. Burgh Goin’ Up Lyrics: You know what day comes after Monday? It’s a real ... Read More »