Monday , 27 April 2015


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10 Reasons to “Cook at Home” – Farm to Table 2015

Farm to Table Pittsburgh PA

It’s hard to believe that 9 years have already passed since the first Local Food Conference in Pittsburgh, but here we are! Boring Pittsburgh cannot express how happy we are to sponsor the 9th annual Farm to Table event. As you all know, we love to eat around here. And even more, we love to eat local and clean. That’s ...

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Polar Vortex Causes Egg Shortage in Pittsburgh

Crazy Winter Weather Means No Eggs in Pittsburgh

Polar Vortex, Siberian Express, whatever they’re calling it this week, the recent sub-zero weather has made it difficult to find eggs in Pittsburgh. If you want organic, vegetarian fed, cage-free, Non-GMO Verified eggs for breakfast or brownies, then you’re basically screwed. Pittsburghers spaz out when the weather patterns get bumpy. As a result, they tend to close stores early, then ...

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