Monday , 28 July 2014
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Chick’n Bubbly: Korean Fried Chicken and Bubble Tea = Crack

Chick'n Bubbly Korean Style Fried Chicken

Chicken and beer is very popular in Korea right now. But, since this is the Commonwealth and it’s expensive and grueling to apply for a liquor or beer license, Chick’n Bubbly went for the next best thing with “bubbles”: pearl milk tea. Sure, bubble tea is from Taiwan, not Korea. But how many Pittsburghers care about that? On a street ... Read More »

Pittsburgh Ghetto News Report

Pittsburgh Ghetto News Report

Forget about everything you ever thought you knew about Pittsburgh, the news, and Pittsburgh news – cuz you don’t even know it. Pittsburgh Ghetto News Report is a video series that was launched on YouTube this week. Episode one covered everything from Furries to same-sex couples benefits, with a sneak peak at La Coca’s new music video at the end. ... Read More »

Extras for Feature Film Needed!

Me, Earl, & the Dying Girl Extras Needed in Pittsburgh

If you or your friends are interested in becoming an extra for the film Me & Earl & The Dying Girl, please contact You MUST be 18 to 25-years-old and be available for a full shooting day in the East End area on Friday 6/27, Mon 6/30, Tues 7/1, Wed 7/2, OR Thurs 7/3. We will be raffling off prizes to those who participate, including an Apple ... Read More »

S. Craig Street Starbucks Getting a Makeover


The Starbucks between U. Pitt and CMU is being remodeled. If it’s anything like any of their other new layouts, the vibe will be a little on the dark side with weird seating arrangements. They are also rumored to be getting the Clover brewing system which costs around $4 per cup. Worth it, and only available in four other places ... Read More »

No More 412 Numbers on Google Voice

Google Voice 412

In trying to get a new Google Voice number for the one that I neglected and lost, I found that there are no more 412 numbers available. Since Google has some sort of office in Bakery Square, maybe all their peoples grabbed them up. I could understand if every vanity number ending in ‘Burgh’ was taken, but not a single ... Read More »