Saturday , 12 July 2014
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Pittsburgh Ghetto News Report

Pittsburgh Ghetto News Report

Forget about everything you ever thought you knew about Pittsburgh, the news, and Pittsburgh news – cuz you don’t even know it. Pittsburgh Ghetto News Report is a video series that was launched on YouTube this week. Episode one covered everything from Furries to same-sex couples benefits, with a sneak peak at La Coca’s new music video at the end. ... Read More »

Extras for Feature Film Needed!

Me, Earl, & the Dying Girl Extras Needed in Pittsburgh

If you or your friends are interested in becoming an extra for the film Me & Earl & The Dying Girl, please contact You MUST be 18 to 25-years-old and be available for a full shooting day in the East End area on Friday 6/27, Mon 6/30, Tues 7/1, Wed 7/2, OR Thurs 7/3. We will be raffling off prizes to those who participate, including an Apple ... Read More »

S. Craig Street Starbucks Getting a Makeover


The Starbucks between U. Pitt and CMU is being remodeled. If it’s anything like any of their other new layouts, the vibe will be a little on the dark side with weird seating arrangements. They are also rumored to be getting the Clover brewing system which costs around $4 per cup. Worth it, and only available in four other places ... Read More »

No More 412 Numbers on Google Voice

Google Voice 412

In trying to get a new Google Voice number for the one that I neglected and lost, I found that there are no more 412 numbers available. Since Google has some sort of office in Bakery Square, maybe all their peoples grabbed them up. I could understand if every vanity number ending in ‘Burgh’ was taken, but not a single ... Read More »