Monday , 25 May 2015


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WTFPGH: Real Apple Watch for Sale

Real Apple Watch for sale on Pittsburgh Craigslist

If you’re like us, you’re into everything Apple, but like to see what the Craigslist market has available before forking over full price plus tax at the Apple store. The $25 price tag should have been a fair warning that something wasn’t going to be quite right with this listing. Here you have it, folks, a real apple watch (lower ...

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Kennywood Riot on Opening Day… or Not?

TribLive Reports of Riots at Kennywood Park

Wow, TribLive, great use of the word “RIOT” in the title of your Kennywood story. Well played! We see what you did there. With the recent events in Baltimore, there is major sensitivity around the word “riot”,  yet this is exactly the word TribLive chose to use in a title about a rowdy crowd that caused Kennywood park to close ...

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