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17 thoughts on “About”

  1. A group visited last weekend and were exhausted from sightseeing in your “boring” city. I lived there for school in the 70’s and found it just as vital, exciting and much, much cleaner than back then..Although my first ever ride on the incline was not a thrill, I still enjoyed the wonderful view from Mt. Washington and can finally say I’ve ridden the Duquesne incline. I hope to be back to show my friends more of Oakland and Shadyside, and even Point Park and Market Square..I would disagree that your town is boring….Come to Akron and you’ll know from boring……

    1. You positivity is encouraging but for college kids, who aren’t here on short sightseeing trips, it can quickly become a rather “boring” place. This is a sentiment shared by a majority of the youth in this city, and is part of the reason why most of them do not stay in town after graduation.

      1. As someone once in your position, I can tell you it takes leaving to realize what you’ve got. Personally, I can’t wait for the chance to come back (from a very large city, no less).

        It also takes getting off your campus (esp. if you’re at CMU). Have you been to Gist St readings, or an Encyclopedia Destructica book-binding party? Are you engaged with hackPGH? Have you worked with Engage Pittsburgh to get people interested in something you like, or applied to Sprout Fund to start something interesting? Have you sat at the bar at Quiet Storm and met someone new?

        Sometimes it takes realizing there is a world beyond Skibo. Pittsburgh is a creative, friendly and cheap city in a way that makes things happen. I haven’t found anything quite like it anywhere else.

      2. I’ve gotta echo the other responses here; leave campus, and explore the city. The vast, vast, vast majority of students in Oakland that don’t like Pittsburgh… rarely leave Oakland.

        Go through the Unblurred Art crawl, have a beer at the Sharp Edge or Brillobox, go see Phipps Conservatory. Head back to the Brillobox, or Belvedere’s, or Thunderbirds for some music. Dig through the Strip on a Saturday morning, have breakfast at the Coco Cafe, or Deluca’s, or Pamela’s, or Tom’s.

        Go watch the Pirates lose for $8. Run the Pittsburgh Marathon. Enjoy the zoo, or play some volleyball up in Highland Park. Go to one of the local arts festivals. Take a class in woodworking.

        Hell, last weekend, I learned how to build a propane cannon. The only thing boring in this city seems to be people who don’t know where to look – yet – or don’t care to try. It took me a few years to figure it out, but yeah, Pittsburgh is a good place to be.

      3. I’m a college student here in Pittsburgh and I loved it so much that instead of moving back home for the summer I got an apartment in Bloomfield… I’ve been to bigger cities like New York, Chicago, and Atlanta but I am always longing to be back in Pittsburgh… there’s so much to do and see and best of all there’s a community that acts more as a family… I love Pittsburgh and I hope I’ll never have to leave!! I hope you’ll eventually feel the same way… sometimes it’s hard to get off of CMU, Pitt, and Carlow’s perfectly manicured lawns… but the city proves to be a treasure trove once you do.

      4. I also attend CMU, cmukid. I love Pittsburgh, I’m not going to lie. But then again, I come from a small midwestern town where there is literally NOTHING to do unless you want to bowl, rollerskate, or see movies. There is so much to do here, if you’re willing to go out and find it.

        I think you should try getting involved. I haven’t been bored yet (especially as it’s midterms week and I should be studying).

  2. Heck, I’ll keep going.

    Go up to the climbing wall, learn how to top-rope, or rent a kayak and putz around on the rivers around the time of the Regatta. Try some of the ethiopian food from Tana or Abay. Watch some of the world-class sports teams, or just watch the crowd at the bar when a good game is on.

    Build something cool; between Dorkbot, Hack Pittsburgh, MakePGH, and others, it’s easy to be technically creative. Because of the schools around, both college and con-ed, it’s pretty easy to be artistically creative. Heck, take a class; the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts is probably just up the street from you.

    Schenley, Frick, Mellon, and Highland Parks, again, are hard to compete with. There’s a lot of green space, a lot of amenities, and it doesn’t take much to have a good day at the park.

    Or, move somewhere where the cost of living doubles, and you make 10% more money. It will be more exciting, for two or three years. Feel free to come back; I’m very glad I did.

    1. I’ve lived in New York and DC and have moved back to Pittsburgh twice. College and grad school here was great–so much to do and explore–and the community for career and work is about the most supportive and genuine you will find anywhere. There’s lots to love (and get bored) about the Burgh, but you’ll make great friends and professional colleagues here.

  3. I can honestly say i’ve never been bored in Pgh, & my perspective has been broadened by temporary exits to San Diego & DC. In DC I wasn’t bored, of course, but I was longing to return for Pittsburgh’s livability & artsy culture which were highly lacking in DC. While San Diego was a blast 9 years ago, today it’s feeling more like southern LA with more problems with unsustainability than that city knows how to handle. Thankfully Pittsburgh has been on a sustainable growth path to help it avoid the problems these less livable metro areas face today. Besides these attributes, Pittsburgh also has a well-educated populous that is growing its accomplishments on a large scale.

  4. I love BP! and I love hollywood coming to Pittsburgh so frequently. It’s a lot of fun to stalk to the stars when they are here :p

  5. My family is all from the city and I would have never expected to live here as an adult. I have lived in other cities and after graduating from college I moved back home. I was thinking I would save some money and move to SF within a year or two of moving back. I ended up loving the city so much that I bought a house and have settled in for the long haul. I was able to buy my house while working as a preschool teacher (LOOOOW PAY!) and would not have the standard of living I have here anywhere else. I know that I could live somewhere a little more exciting but I would likely be so busy working two jobs to pay my bills I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it anyway.

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