Free-ish Advertising on Boring Pittsburgh

What is free-ish advertising?

It means it doesn’t cost money for Pittsburgh organizations to advertise on the site. Instead, we want to know: what can you do for us? In other words, let’s make a deal. We love scoring stuff for our readers. We’ll swap an ad on our site for… well, that’s where your creativity comes in. The opportunities are endless and really go beyond a boring transfer of funds. So, what can you do for us (and our readers)?

Why should I want an ad on BPGH?

Simple. Become a local sponsor and have your message seen by the people of Pittsburgh.

Boring Pittsburgh is read by thousands of visitors every day and one of the few sites that is almost exclusively read by local Pittsburghers. When we have something to say, we spread the word all over the social networking universe. From Facebook to Twitter, and YouTube to RSS subscribers – unlimited opportunities to have your message seen by a diverse group of consumers in Pittsburgh.

  • Google page rank of 4 and growing
  • Over 20,000 Twitter/Facebook followers
  • Strong Foursquare presence
  • Advertising exposure across multiple sites
  • Pittsburgh audience eager to find new experiences in their city

Our sponsorship slots are flexible and affordable free-ish. Advertise your company for a year, or a local event for a week. We even offer content directed advertising options aka sponsored posts. In addition to traditional banners and text ads, Boring Pittsburgh is a great place to generate buzz about your product through contests and giveaways. Contact us below to learn more. Advertise on, reach out to hundreds of thousands of consumers in Pittsburgh

What can I advertise on Boring Pittsburgh?

You can use our platform to spread the word about almost anything Pittsburgh related or Pittsburgh based, including:

  • Letting other Pittsburghers find out about your company or blog
  • Link to something you’re selling on Craigslist or eBay
  • Finding someone to rent or sublease your apartment
  • Encouraging people to join your group
  • Attracting more people to your Twitter/Facebook pages
  • Making a a general Pittsburgh announcement
  • Advertising your events or product launches
  • The uses are open to other innovative and creative ideas!

Fine print.

All ads include unlimited views/clicks for the agreed upon period. Ad banner graphics are subject to our approval. Just because there is an ad on our site, doesn’t mean we endorse/agree with it. There might be some other stuff that comes to mind in the future, so this fine print is subject to change at any time and without warning.

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