Wednesday , 27 May 2015

Batman Says Suck It, Pittsburgh!

Batman blowing up the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh - by DJ Coffman
Batman blowing up the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh - by DJ Coffman

Inside dope… more rumors!

Here’s a little post-it doodle I did at Pittsburgh Comicon last weekend. There were location scouts and casting people inside The Con floating around, one guy I remembered from Chicago filming (and seeing him at Chicago Comicon for sure), so I asked about the rumor and he said that an offer WILL be made that “they won’t refuse” to not only take the Mellon down, but pay for the entire cleanup and removal way faster than the city could do it.

KDKA may have debunked the rumors for now, but we’ll have to wait until this summer to see what goes down with the Igloo when Batman: The Dark Knight Rises turns the Burgh into Gotham City.


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Contest over!

It was a toss up between the top three: Chris Goodman, Dave, and SteelersDiva43! They had the most thumbs up.

  1. Chris got ranked higher by other readers and it fit well with the context! Besides, after filming The Dark Knight Rises this summer (and possibly blowing up the Civic Arena), all those big shots from Hollywood are going to be asking the same question… “Now how the HELL do I get out of this city…”
  2. Dave’s comment was so true… “Batman – I was told Pittsburgh was a cold, dark, rustbelt of a city. It’s not supposed to have an architectural, cultural, and environmental heritage such as this beautiful building. BLOW IT UP!”
  3. SteelersDiva43 was hilarious… “How dare you put FRIES on my SAMMICH!”

Best runner up chosen by DJ was Adam Benson… “Damn you Penguin, damn you to Hell!!!!!!!!1″

Congratulations Chris Goodman!

Thanks to everyone for playing, plenty more chances to win! Or, you can get your Burgh Verified gear the easy way. Click Here

Boring Pittsburgh presents: Batman in the Burgh

  • TennesseeT

    I love how you can still see the pencil marks in the doodle. Keep it coming!

  • http://facebook silvereagle5

    Darn it Robin i ask for a can opener..

  • Kev

    “The guy at Costume World thought he recognized Alexander Ovechkin… but didn’t think he traveled to the Strip just to rent a Batman suit.”

  • Chuck Kelly

    There that’s how U install A-C,

  • SteelersDiva43

    How dare you put FRIES on my SAMMICH!

  • Chuck Kelly

    Who said the igloo was explosion proof…NOT

  • Chuck Kelly

    This worked for the MGM grand,,it’ll work here too

  • Chuck Borowitz

    Batman needed somewhere to park his batmobile during the Pens game.

  • Chuck Kelly

    A. B. R. automatic building remover,,

  • DJLink

    “The Dark Knight’s reaction after a Pittsburgh Power game”

  • Katie

    “Sudden Death” my ass, Jean-Claude!

  • allmattural

    “Sudden Death” ain’t go nothing on Batman ‘n at

  • http://Best412 Best412

    Fuck ‘Earth Day’ let’s blow this baby to smithereens!

  • dave

    Batman – I was told Pittsburgh was a cold, dark, rustbelt of a city. It’s not supposed to have an architectural, cultural, and environmental heritage such as this beautiful building. BLOW IT UP!

  • Blame Luke

    Batman was pissed because he missed his chance to win a Burgh Verified shirt.

  • Gwenneth

    You let 40 years of concerts go by without opening the retractable dome?! I’ll open in it for you then, suckas!

  • RichK

    Retractable domes are for babies.

  • Tom Bartins

    As we all learned from the 1995 classic Sudden Death. The Civic Arena can’t explode because Jean Claude Van Damme won’t let it.

  • Chris Goodman

    “Now how the HELL do I get out of this city…”

  • bryon

    batman reacts to a tip that roger goodell is visiting civic arena

  • bryon

    Batman acts on a tip that roger goodel is visiting civic arena

  • Adam Benson

    Damn you Penguin, damn you to Hell!!!!!!!!1

  • Grizzly

    Best part about filming in Pittsburgh for 3 months? We get to blow shit up!

  • Chuck Kelly

    U thought this city was in bad shape B4 wait till i get done..

  • Chuck Kelly

    Today the Igloo,tomarrow the Gulf building,,,

  • Jillena

    Batman’s greatest challenge yet: Build a Bat-Signal big enough to out-shine even the largest UPMC add!

  • Chuck Kelly

    Here take this U 2 bit YINZER town,,,

  • Chuck Kelly

    Put this in Ur Yinzer an smoke it..

  • Chuck Kelly

    We’ve upped our Yinzer up Ur’s…

  • Puck Fittsburgh

    ‘Batman decided to blow up the Arena up without earplugs so he wouldn’t have to hear yinzers talking in Pittsburghese for the rest of the filming.’

  • Anderson

    Wham! Bam! Kabloooey!

  • akost3299

    On his way dahntahn, Batman realized deez streets is fulla potholes and PENDAHT anedoin’ nuttin’ abaht it! He’ll show dem.

  • akost3299

    Cheese and Crackers! Elvis will never be leaving that building again!

    • Chuck Kelly

      he’s only been dead for 34 yrs,he’s not leaving anything any more

  • Hardcore Douchebag

    Since global warming isnt real im gona melt this igloo with some TNT!

  • Reusable

    Holy cultural catastophe, Robin! A bunch of no good villains wish to preserve this one of a kind historical superdome of solid steel… Not if I can help it!

  • yinzaintready

    “Elvis has just left the building!!!!”

  • Stef

    So, you aren’t willing to subsidize a new Bat Cave, City of Pittsburgh? I’ll show you! Robin, to the tax-exempt state!

  • Bobbi

    Few people know Batman is a Cleveland fan.

  • Chris

    I thought you said the Penguin was here?Whaddya mean he’s across the street?!

  • swmonty


  • Threep3at

    Bettman Begins: The Search for Matt Cooke

  • Fryeguy

    Who puts coleslaw on a sandwich?!?!?

  • Boring Pittsburgh

    Contest over, winner posted above. Thanks for playing!

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