Batman blowing up the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh - by DJ Coffman

Batman blowing up the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh - by DJ Coffman

Inside dope… more rumors!

Here’s a little post-it doodle I did at Pittsburgh Comicon last weekend. There were location scouts and casting people inside The Con floating around, one guy I remembered from Chicago filming (and seeing him at Chicago Comicon for sure), so I asked about the rumor and he said that an offer WILL be made that “they won’t refuse” to not only take the Mellon down, but pay for the entire cleanup and removal way faster than the city could do it.

KDKA may have debunked the rumors for now, but we’ll have to wait until this summer to see what goes down with the Igloo when Batman: The Dark Knight Rises turns the Burgh into Gotham City.


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Contest over!

It was a toss up between the top three: Chris Goodman, Dave, and SteelersDiva43! They had the most thumbs up.

  1. Chris got ranked higher by other readers and it fit well with the context! Besides, after filming The Dark Knight Rises this summer (and possibly blowing up the Civic Arena), all those big shots from Hollywood are going to be asking the same question… “Now how the HELL do I get out of this city…”
  2. Dave’s comment was so true… “Batman – I was told Pittsburgh was a cold, dark, rustbelt of a city. It’s not supposed to have an architectural, cultural, and environmental heritage such as this beautiful building. BLOW IT UP!”
  3. SteelersDiva43 was hilarious… “How dare you put FRIES on my SAMMICH!”

Best runner up chosen by DJ was Adam Benson… “Damn you Penguin, damn you to Hell!!!!!!!!1”

Congratulations Chris Goodman!

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