Short Film 103 by Andrew Kelemen

Short Film 103 by Andrew Kelemen

A Squirrel Hill man has scared his way into Hollywood’s heart. Local filmmaker Andrew Kelemen recently submitted his short horror film to the 2011 Halloween Horror Nights Short Film competition. The judges, including Eli Roth (writer and director of the Hostel series), have selected the top 10 favorite films to compete. Now it’s up to the viewers to decide the outcome…

Do you love scary movies? I do. And more importantly, I love making them. Recently the Pittsburgh film scene has been abuzz with Batman and the (potential) new Tom Cruise movie One Shot filming here, but it’s important to remember we have a huge community of local filmmakers trying to make their way through as well.

LA is no Hollywood of the East

I tried living in Los Angeles during my last year of film school while attending Pitt. I figured I’d dip my toes in to see if it was worth moving there. LA is no Pittsburgh. I decided within one month of living there that I needed to make Pittsburgh my permanent home. I’m 25 now, and after settling in Squirrel Hill with my wife, we have agreed that we’ll never leave this town again.

I’m able to make my films thanks to the wonderful resources we have here in Pittsburgh for producing movies cheaply and efficiently; borrowing equipment, people volunteering their time, beautiful (and free) locations to name a few. Things that can’t be accomplished so easily in LA.

Local opportunities

I got in touch with Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and not only began taking classes, but volunteered on any short film that would have me. I kept on top of the Pittsburgh Film Office’s website which does in fact help get young guys like myself jobs on actual working sets. And thanks to persistence and support from my wife, I kept shooting… way after film school. This might be the most important thing I did because it helped me shape a reel, which led to some of my first paying jobs.

These are the elements that led to my latest creation, a horror film entitled 103. The short, shot in a storage locker in the SouthSide was made for under one hundred dollars, with lots of friends and co-workers pitching in as usual. And now that short is a finalist in a national contest being hosted by Universal Studios.

The winning short film will be screened on, the Chiller Network, and in front of an audience of who’s who in the horror film industry. It would be a great push into the national spotlight for one local filmmaker. It’s down to votes from readers like you to determine the winner. Please help a fellow Pittsburgher by going to Halloween Horror Nights, find the movie 103, and cast a vote once a day through September 9th, 2011. Because doesn’t Pittsburgh deserve to win everything?

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