GO Roadshow by the Squonk Opera a Pittsburgh Kickstarter Project

GO Roadshow by the Squonk Opera a Pittsburgh Kickstarter Project

Pittsburgh’s Squonk Opera is performance art to the max. Their shows are quirky and entertaining, yet professionally executed with precision and grace. Think Pee-wee’s Big Adventure meets Tim Burton with a really good live soundtrack. You have to experience it with your own 6 senses to believe it.

So, now the troupe wants to build an interactive stage on the back of a flatbed truck and take this crazy show on the road. Brilliant. The thing is, they need your help. There’s a Kickstarter project going on now – have a look and be a backer if you like what you see. Back up hard-working Pittsburgh artists and creative thinkers!

We plan to do 20 free shows every summer, starting in our hometown of Pittsburgh, then Baltimore, Cleveland, and then across the country. We are already working with Public schools and festivals, community orchard planting celebrations and neighborhood parties. This pop-up show will begin with a marching band, inviting locals into pedestrian parades. We want to make a public American art that is poetic and brazen, funny and inclusive. -Squonk Opera

Backers with $5k laying around are rewarded with the ultimate thank you gift. For that pretty penny, you can get the Squonkers to pull their rig right up to your driveway and put on an exclusive magical performance just for you and your neighbors (whether they want it or not).

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “I don’t have $5,000. I don’t even have a driveway!” …And that’s exactly why Boring Pittsburgh thinks this option would be ideal for a larger organization. What better way to provide entertainment to your group and support local arts at the same time? Pittsburgh businesses, schools (ahem CMU or CMU student associations), etc… this is your chance!

Watch the video!

Update 6/6/12:

The project has reached the funding goal!