From the creator of the “Stop Shooting ♥♥♥ We Love You” signs comes a new project out of Homewood called Love Front Porch. It’s the actual front porch of local artist Vanessa German, and it has become a place for the youngsters in the neighborhood to express themselves freely with some paint and a brush. So far, Vanessa has raised $10,000 of her $12,000 goal on As of posting this there are only about 2 days remaining! Check out the video above to learn more and consider donating to this creative, love-filled project.

Love Front Porch is about love, art, and community. Love Front Porch says; believe in what you believe in, love what you love, let it be what it is and do what it has to do. Love Front Porch believes that courage is imperative. Love Front Porch believes in the power of art. Love Front Porch knows that art heals.

Love Front Porch in Homewood, Pittsburgh


With about 34 hours remaining, Love Front Porch has secured their funding! Thanks Boring Pittsburghers for taking the time to look at this and donate. There is still time to raise more money, so please pass it arahnd tahn and support local art (and the kids!).