Thursday , 28 May 2015

Mister Rogers and His Giant Red Cardigan Sweater

Mr Rogers Statue in a Big Red Sweater
Mr Rogers Statue in a Big Red Sweater

Mister Rogers got a new red cardigan!

Boring Pittsburgh received these pics of the Fred Rogers sculpture that was unveiled back in 2009 across from Heinz Field. At first we thought the pics were photoshopped. Then we thought the sweater might have been created by @Zether. After all, she was the one who sent us handmade #BurghVerified hats last winter. It turns out, the gigantic red sweater was crocheted by a Pittsburgh yarn artist and craftie named Alicia Kachmar.

Read all about how Alicia was commissioned for this project by the Outpost Journal and see more pics on her blog. You also have to check out the EternalSunshine Etsy shop where she sells crochet red velvet cupcakes and safety cones.

Oddly enough, the huge red sweater makes that statue look a lot less creepy.

Mr Rogers Statue in a Big Red Sweater
Mr Rogers Statue in a Big Red Sweater
Mr Rogers Statue in a Giant Red Cardigan
Mr Rogers Statue in a Giant Red Cardigan

{thanks @PghRunner}

It even has a zipper!

  • Stacey

    Those knitted cupcakes cost less than real red velvet cupcakes from Dozen. No wonder they closed :p

  • lappygirl

    He *DOES* look a lot less creepy, but I STILL say he looks like he was sculpted from No-Bake-Cookies!

  • Obtuse180

    That stature creeps the shit out of me. Cool sweater.

  • PsychDude

    You’re wrong. The pics looks photoshopped and the statue looks awful. I never understood why they allowed such a monument to be erected in the name of such a great man.

    Before you block me or call me a troll, just think about what the little kids will think when they see that statue.

  • Dave

    I know it’s real but it still look phtochopped.

  • Della Selner

    ROFLMAO! Stalking around and read my nom de twitter! Alicia did a great job!

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