Quantum Theatre needs your old fence for a bike rack!Quantum Theatre creates adventurous, environmental productions of plays all over the city of Pittsburgh. Original works, contemporary international plays, or updated classics are brought intimately close in settings like groves of trees, abandoned mills, grand museums, or empty swimming pools. The plays unite directors, performers, and designers from all over the world with Pittsburgh’s most talented artists.

Because Quantum produces work in unlikely places, we ask our patrons to meet us at a different location each time– sometimes it’s new to them, sometimes they’ve passed it everyday on the way to work and have never been inside.

Quantum staff and artists are, themselves, avid cyclists and would like to promote car-free transportation to our shows. This means biking, walking, and public transportation.

We would like to provide a secure place for our patrons to lock their bikes during the performances. Of course, this bike rack can not be a permanent structure since we will have to transport it to the next location at the close of each show. It also means, it can’t be enormous (think about our lovely volunteers who have to haul it to and fro!).

In the name of reduce reuse recycle, we are constantly bringing life to new spaces… we would love to bring life to an old cast iron gate (or something similar) and give it a new purpose!

We’re happy to extend a couple free tickets to our upcoming show, Mnemonic in return for this sort of in-kind donation. Please click here to contact Stevie from Quantum Theatre.

The image above is an example of an idea we found on Pinterest:

Cast Iron Gate Fence Bike Rack