"The End is Real" by Christopher Ruane

"The End is Real" by Christopher Ruane

This is art. The views expressed in this art are not the views expressed or shared by the Boring Pittsburgh staff. The End is Real is an artistic rendition of what Judgment Day might look like if it were to happen in Pittsburgh… on the Roberto Clemente Bridge. This piece was created by Christopher Ruane.

The End is Real is a modern interpretation of end times. It is composed of over 500 photographic layers, each shot individually. Every participant in the piece represents either a modern interpretation of a well-known and controversial biblical character or one of John’s 144,000 (Rev. Chap 6). The scriptural interpretations by the artist are portrayed analogously in contemporary forms. Historically, messages of the past are portrayed by individuals to whom we can no longer relate. The End Is Real bridges the gap between man’s earliest spiritual foundation to a fresh interpretation, resulting in a medium that places significant figures in current context to which we can relate.

In a comment on YouTube, Christopher Ruane stated:

I am in no way associated with Harold Campings theory. I created this artwork two years ago. It is a modern interpretation of Revelations from the Bible. Nothing to do with May’s predicted events.

Zoom in on the picture in detail here. If you are interested in more work from Christopher Ruane, check him out at the Three Rivers Arts Festival this summer, June 3rd – June 7th. Find him on Facebook and Twitter.

How many local figures can you identify?

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