Dave White has Too Many T-Shirts!

Too Many T-Shirts

Dave White is a Pittsburgher with a surplus of t-shirts that was getting out of control – so he decided to do something about it. Too Many T-Shirts is a photo blog that Dave created to showcase his wardrobe of short-sleeves.

The cool thing about Dave’s site is that he really does update it everyday with a fresh pic of his tees. On top of that, he has some badass shirts in his collection! Lot’s of Pirates shirts though, so he’s probably not partaking in the boycott.

To add to the coolness of Dave’s shirt collection, the pictures and captions are always entertaining – like this one, for example. But seriously, this Budweiser one is pretty funny too.

Are you interested in becoming a hoarder of t-shirts? Check out the links on the side of Dave’s site for some really creative t-shirt companies. If you’re more interested in clearing out your closet, and if you want to see your threads in the Too Many T-Shirts gallery, send him a message!

Too Many T-Shirts by Dave White

Too Many T-Shirts by Dave White

Hi, I’m Dave White, a random dude from Pittsburgh who’s suddenly become aware that a) I don’t have a lot of photographs of myself, and b) I have way too many t-shirts. So in an attempt to rectify the former and document the latter, I’ll be posting one picture a day, featuring the t-shirt I’m currently wearing. It should only take me a few months to blow through my wardrobe… assuming that I don’t somehow acquire more t-shirts in that time frame.

What is your favorite t-shirt in Dave’s collection so far?