#BurghVerified Donuts are available at Dunkin Donuts in Oakland

#BurghVerified Donuts are available at Dunkin Donuts in Oakland (pic via @bertsmouth)

Last week we promised you guys some black and gold, banana filled Boring Pittsburgh donuts, topped with official yellow checkmarks. This week we delivered on that promise after Dunkin Donuts in Oakland pulled through and made our creation a reality – and they really got it spot on!

To celebrate, we’re giving away #BurghVerified t-shirts to the first 5 of our followers to tweet a picture of themselves eating a (real) Burgh Verified donut like the one pictured in the example above, or a creative pic of the donut and your twitter name (if you’re one of those weirdos that doesn’t like people to watch you eat).

Rules are boring but:
1) tweet a pic of your donut mentioning #BurghVerified and @BoringPGH
2) post a comment about your pic of the donut in the box below
3) you must be #BurghVerified to claim the prize, duh

Where are the donuts exactly?
Dunkin Donuts in Oakland (map)
3907 Forbes Avenue (Pitt)
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 687-1308

What is Burgh Verified?
What? Are you from Baltimore or something? Click here

When does this contest expire?
When we have 5 qualifying pics.

What do you mean by “qualifying pics”?
Are you kidding? Please reread the post above after indulging in ADD drug of your choice (that’s a joke).

Wait a minute, did you just update the rules?
Yes, and we will continue to do so at our discretion because we reserve the right to do so. kthanxbye.

Thanks to Bert over at Ink Division Printing for sending us the example above (and for the awesome job on the shirts). Winners will be announced in this post… along with the first 5 donut pics.


1) Timko88
2) virtualcarly
3) esalinge
4) jmduffy97
5) prsrant & billychester

Burgh Verified donut from @Timko88

We have a winner! @Timko88 Congratulations

@virtualcarly eating her #BurghVerified donut at Dunkin Donuts!
We have a winner! @virtualcarly Congratulations
@esalinge enjoying his Boring Pittsburgh #BurghVerified donut at Dunkin Donuts

We have a winner! @esalinge Congratulations

@jmduffy97 enjoying his #BurghVerified donut outside of Dunkin Donuts in Oakland

We have a winner! @jmduffy97 Congratulations

@prsrant and @billychester with their #BurghVerified donuts

The final winner, uh winners. @prsrant and @billychester congratulations!

Nice Tries:

1) BeachGirlRoxyhttp://twitpic.com/2uo76r
2) dmase05http://plixi.com/p/48751829
3) OhioSteelerGirlhttp://twitpic.com/2uoaj5
4) anddog1http://yfrog.com/0p7b7j
5) Timko88http://twitpic.com/2uo6uc