Secret Agent L in her Burgh Verified T-Shirt

Secret Agent L rockin’ her Burgh Verified T-Shirt

Most of you already know. but we’d like to make an official announcement about Burgh Verified tees. That’s right bored folks of the Burgh, you can now sport the Burgh Verified tag proudly across your chest with these high quality black and yellow t-shirts. Check out Secret Agent L in the pic above for an example of just how sweet these shirts are.

Here are some FAQs about the shirts:

Who did you hire to print this batch of awesomeness?
Ink Division Printing – highly recommended and Burgh Verified! (fast, affordable and reliable too)

How much are they? Can I buy me one?
These shirts are exclusive and not for sale yet ūüôā

Then how the hell do I get me one?
You have to work for it! Or… win one!

Win one?! WTH are you talking about?
You’ll see. Chillax and stay tuned for contests and your chance to win. We’ll make it easy, promise.

Do I have to be Burgh Verified to “win one”?
Uh yeah, why would you want to wear a Burgh Verified tee if you’re not even Burgh Verified? *scratches head*

Are they as cool as they look?
Even better, duh.

One more question, do you have any XXXL in stock?

#BurghVerified t-shirts from Boring Pittsburgh