Secret Agent L Boring Pittsburgh Mission

Top Secret Mission Materials...

Don’t tell anyone, but we are secretly working with Secret Agent L on a special SAL/BPGH mission involving our favorite strong safety, Troy Polalmalu. We respect SAL’s anonymity, so we left a tube of instructions and materials in a super-secret-undisclosed-location…

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the collaborative mission. Follow Secret Agent L on Twitter!

Secret Agent L SecretAgentL: i was instructed by @BoringPgh to retrieve this tube at a secret location: i love my “job.”

Secret Agent L SecretAgentL: my next mission involves me, @BoringPGH, and troy polamalu. that’s right. troy polamalu. i know people.


The mission was a success! Check out the full report on Secret Agent L’s blog. Thanks SAL!

Have you ever been the recipient of a Secret Agent L Act of Kindness? Tell us about it below…

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