Pittsburgh Forum Celebrates 1,000 Members!

Pittsburgh Forum Celebrates 1,000 Members!

The Pittsburgh Forum celebrated its 1,000th member* this weekend! Boring Pittsburgh created the Pgh Forum as a place for residents, visitors, and fans of the Burgh to meet each other and exchange ideas, questions, rants, and raves. It’s also the premiere site to share Pittsburgh events and happenings aka #WhatToDo412.

In a world of Facebook and Twitter, forums aren’t the easiest communities to grow. But, thanks to each and every one of our members, the Pittsburgh Forum is a huge success and gets better every day!

The site itself has evolved greatly since it was launched. Today, it’s cleaner and better looking, as well as easier to sign-up and post. Unlike other social networking sites, content shared in the Pittsburgh Forum is searchable and serves others who are interested in the same topics. Each member gets the option to link all of their sites to their BPGH profile, which is a great way introduce yourself and get more exposure.

1,000 members is major a milestone for any community to reach, but it needs your active participation to be stronger: We’d like to ask you to visit the forum more frequently and join in the discussions. When you see the new post feed on Twitter and Facebook, do not reply there. Instead, login to the forum and reply to the original poster. If you’re going to use the forum to distribute event info, please also say something in other sections (don’t just use the site for free advertising). Although Boring Pittsburgh set it up, the forum is yours. Make the best of it, chat with other Pittsburghers, request new features if you’d like, and support this Pittsburgh-based project.

Thanks for your support!

*To the cynics in the crowd, only about 5 of those accounts were spammers =P