The homepage of Secret Agent L

The homepage of Secret Agent L

Special report: There’s a Secret Agent in town and her name is Agent L. She is profiled as an all-around swell chick living somewhere here in the ‘Burgh. Her mission is to brighten your day with anonymous acts of kindness. Her blog is on a must read, must subscribe basis.

According to her declassified file, Secret Agent L earned a Masters Degree in English Literature, and is also a model/actress in Pittsburgh standing 6 feet tall. She and her cohorts anonymously drop gifts in random, unsuspecting locations around the city. One mission could take place in a supermarket restroom, the next could be an empty park bench. You could be the next one to stumble upon their kindness when you least expect it.

An anonymous act of kindness.. from SAL

An anonymous act of kindness.. from SAL

Secret Agent L in Pittsburgh - an anonymous act of kindness..

Secret Agent L in Pittsburgh - an anonymous act of kindness

Some of the missions Secret Agent L and her sidekicks have accomplished so far:

What the fans have to say:

Holy Guacamole. Secret Agent L is not playing around. I am your new number one biggest fan. I might even start a fan club. Way to go Secret Agent…

On the 27th, I had just flown into Pittsburgh to take the Bar Exam. After settling into my motel, I was wandering around Oakland, feeling very stressed about the exam. Finding Nancy Drew’s Guide to Life on a park bench made my day! It felt like a good omen from the universe about the test. It also made me so excited about Pittsburgh; my husband and I just moved out here (I flew back after the test to help drive our car back here).

I just found some bubbles you left near the Hillman Library. I was in the most sour mood ever. I was on my way back to work, dreading bringing my current nastiness to the work place. your gift totally brightened my day. I thank you and my fellow workers definitely thank you.

I get excited whenever I see a new S.A.L. post. They’re so inspiring! I am SO HAPPY to see that you are still doing missions and I hope you continue. I think it is so cool that you got several responses to the goodies that were found. I hope their words of appreciation show you how important S.A.L is. ūüôā

This agent is dedicated to her mission and has inspired other agents all over the country if not the world – she’s building an army of do-gooders. If you are inspired by what Agent L does, help her out! Contact her here to become an affiliated agent. Not in Pittsburgh, or too busy? You can make a donation towards mission expenses.

We are thankful for you Secret Agent L, keep up the good work! And remember folks, in the words of Agent L herself, “be kind, no exceptions”.

Have you been the recipient of an S.A.L. act of kindness? Leave a comment below..