Hey Kids, it’s Cap’n Morley! In episode #3 of the show, the Cap’n talks about his recent initiation into the #BurghVerified club. Have  you been Burgh Verified yet?

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Cap'n Morley The Cap’n is happy to announce that I’ve been Burgh Verified by those ****ing kids over at BoringPittsburgh.com.

It’s quite an honor, especially so soon. I’m not sure what it means to be “Burgh Verified”, but I hear there’s some benefits to it… [the rest is not condoned by us LOL]

Some of the other current events that the Cap’n covered in this episode are how the Steelers showed up to training camp looking like two camels in a tiny car; Ed Rendell’s slip on the icy red carpet; and the Conflict Kitchen in East Liberty.