Yinz Look Like... Troy Polamalu! Dress up in a Troy costume on Halloween for your chance to win!

Yinz Look Like... Troy Polamalu! Halloween Costume Contest (shout out to wstera2 for the example pic)

This Halloween, Boring Pittsburgh is giving you a chance to dress up and impersonate your favorite football player for an opportunity to win stuff! Submit photos or footage of yourself, your friends, your kids, or even your pets dressed up as the world’s best strong safety Troy Polamalu.

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We’ll post all the entries for everyone to vote on. The Troy Polamalu impression with the most votes will win the prize package below! Give us the best #43 you can come up with, hair and all. Have fun and be creative! Need some ideas on how to pull this costume off? Click here

Yinz Look Like… is a contest series from Boring Pittsburgh where you give us your best impression of a famous Pittsburgh personality to win a prize.

Why Troy Polamalu?

  • We love Troy Polamalu! Who doesn’t? Even people who aren’t into football love Troy.
  • The hilarious Head & Shoulder’s commercials made us realize there’s no one in the Burgh better for round one of the Boring Pittsburgh Yinz Look Like contest.
  • We want to see everyone dressed as Troy this Halloween!

Who can enter?

  • Anyone from anywhere! (except Baltimore or Cleveland – just kidding)

How to enter?

  • Submit your photo or video footage (less than 30 secs)  in the form below

When does everything go down?

  • Submissions will be accepted from now until Halloween night (October 31st at 11:59pm)
  • Voting will run from 11/1 until 11/7 at 5pm 11/8 at 11:59pm
  • The winner will be announced on the night of 11/7 Monday, November 9th!

Ok, so what will the winner get?

A strand of Troy Polamalu’s hair! *

Win a strand of Troy Polamalu's hair from BoringPittsburgh.com!

Win some of Troy Polamalu's hair from BoringPittsburgh.com!

Win a lock of Troy Polamalu's hair from BPGH!

Win a lock of Troy Polamalu's hair from BPGH!

A Troy Polamalu Pittsburgh Steelers jersey!

Win a Troy Polamalu Black Reebok NFL Premier Pittsburgh Steelers jersey from BoringPittsburgh.com

Win a Troy Polamalu Reebok NFL Premier Pittsburgh Steelers jersey from BPGH!

A Hairy Helmet Antenna Topper!

Troy Polamalu "Hairy Helmet" Antenna Balls

Win a "Hairy Helmet" antenna ball from BPGH!

Burgh Verified T-Shirt!

Win a Burgh Verified shirt from Boring Pittsburgh!

Win a #BurghVerified shirt from Boring Pittsburgh!

Watch the videos below for some ideas for your impression:





*About the Hair:

The fine print:

  • The best costume/impression will be determined by readers like you.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify entries that are vulgar, offensive, or irrelevant.
  • You must be following Troy on Twitter or Facebook in order to claim your prize.
  • You must be Burgh Verified to claim the Boring Pittsburgh t-shirt.
  • Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee that the lock of hair is actually Troy Polamalu’s. Learn more about the lock of Troy Polamalu’s hair that was sold on eBay here.

Thanks for submitting your best Troy Polamalu Halloween costume photos!
Check back later for information about how to vote for your favorite “Troy”…

Visit Troy Polamalu’s official site Troy43.com

Vote for your favorite “Troy” here!