Like the Boring Pittsburgh fan page on Facebook

Like is such a weird word.

Dear Readers: You do not have double vision. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. We are on Facebook, twice. We’ve reached our maximum friends/pages. We believe that in a city as boring as Pittsburgh, you can’t have too many friends, so we created a new fan page. We need to stick together!

Are you already a friend on Facebook? Then liking us should be easy! Did you want to be our friend but got blocked from the Facebook maximum thing? Then liking us is the next best thing. Do you hate Facebook? Join it and like us anyway, since there’s nothing better to do. We want you to like us… because we like you, too!

Facebook doesn’t really suck, but a lot us can relate to this video …

Thank you for being with us, Pittsburgh!
The new fan page is here.