Are you โœ” *Burgh Verified* yet? Join the club!

Troy Polamalu

tpolamaluHey @BoringPGH after having 2 native born Yinzers, I am proud to say that I am now #BurghVerified

How can I become Verified?

  1. Join the Pittsburgh Forums and post something!
  2. Go to the top of the site, on the right side, and subscribe to our feed with your email address.
  3. Follow @BoringPGH on Twitter and nominate yourself with a tweet about your interest in becoming Burgh Verified (the funnier the tweet the better your chances)
  4. After some quick deliberation and a vote, we will contact you with instructions for how to finalize your membership to the club!

Woohoo! I’ve just become Verified, now what?

Congratulations and welcome to the BPGH Burgh Verified Club! You will be placed in the master list below and are now eligible for fun games and other special stuff on Start following other club members!

Are there any rules for being Burgh Verified?

David Clawson DavidClawson – First Rule of #BurghVerified is you don’t talk about #BurghVerified Other Rules ask @BoringPGH

Just kidding! Make sure you have the Burgh Verified tag in your profile and you’re golden! You should also follow as many of the other members of the club as you can.

Hows comes I’m not in the Master List below?

Are you officially Burgh Verified? It might take our system a little longer to process incoming Burgh Verified members. Please give it some time and if you still can’t find yourself in the list, double check to make sure you have the appropriate tag in your profile. If you still aren’t listed, tell us.

I got #BurghVerified and all I didn’t even get a lousy shirt!

For more information on Burgh Verified t-shirts, read this. Please note that our shirt is the only original and authentic “Burgh Verified” t-shirt and anything else out there is a fake knock-off that is trying to profit from our creation. Please do not support thieves.

Some of our favorite #BurghVerified tweets comes from:

Secret Agent L SecretAgentL – @BoringPGH i’ll have you know, during an interview yesterday, i was asked if i am, in fact, “burgh verified.” i happily answered, “yes!”

Kelly Miser SynonymForWalk – My husband @stormfreak just asked me how to get #BurghVerified. I just shook my head no. He said, “its like Fight Club isnt it?” Pretty much

Burgh Verified by Boring Pittsburgh - @Ashawee63

Burgh Verified by Boring Pittsburgh – @Ashawee63 Go Steelers!

Ashley Johnson Ashawee63 You know what it is, #BlackandYellow #BurghVerified Thanks for the shirt, @boringpgh!

Master List of Burgh Verified Officially Recognized Members:

Pittsburgh Parks pittsburghparks – Score…Mary Schenley and her many acolytes in the parks are happy to be #burghverified. Thanks @BoringPgh.

Pitt PittTweet – Thank you @BoringPgh for making the official Twitter account of the University of Pittsburgh #BurghVerified!

Steeltown Anthem steeltownanthem – After some tough deliberations, jumping through a few hurdles and taking a test, I have been officially Burgh Verified by @BoringPGH! YES!!

Secret Agent L SecretAgentL – i sent them money and a promise of my first-born child, and i’m now officially “burgh verified!” thanks @BoringPGH! xoxo!! TribeMotoEvery tribe has it’s own coming of age ceremony, in Pgh it’s called #BurghVerified @boringPgh Now get on your bad motorscooter and ride!

Ink Division inkdivision@BoringPGH ink division custom screen printing is now proudly #burghverified

Kristen K-Mo NillaBooty – I am now Burgh Verified…ya’ll need to catch up and join the club!

Bob Foley bobf_vstpgh – @boringpgh is the original Burgh Verified tweeter. I had to do some begging to use the mark.

Kelly Miser SynonymForWalk – Holy crap, the Droid makes it near impossible to be #burghverified but with the help of @boringpgh I have conquered the beast and am in! ๐Ÿ™‚

Natalie SteelerGirlNat – @boringpgh is too awesome and kudos to the patience with me today in my friday mode… i have been *BURGH VERIFIED*!!!! #FF @boringpgh

Derrick Brashear shadow – Had to prove to @BoringPGH I’m really here, but I’m now Burgh Verified. Note today’s headline in the pic: #pgh

Andrea Shockling aerdin2 – Wow, I didn’t think I was going to make it, but at the last second I pulled out a win and was Burgh Verified by @BoringPGH! Whew!

Jesspgh jesspgh – I am now Burgh Verified thanks to the tireless efforts of @BoringPGH !!! So excited to be among the illustrious few…

Poor Yoricks Players poor_yoricks#FF our awesome friends @BoringPGH. How cool are they? They came up with *Burgh Verified*. Maybe if you ask nicely you can be Verified too

spicymeatball spicymeatbalAnyone ever do 50 burpees in a row? That’s almost as hard as becoming Burgh Verified by @BoringPGH. *kicks, stretches, AND KICKS!*

David Clawson DavidClawso – I’m Burgh Verified! Many thanks to @BoringPGH for bestowing this honor

Mackenzie Farone mackenziefarone – My profile and blog have now been Burgh Verified by @boringPGH! check me out and check out @boringPGH!

Johnny aka JCIII JohnnyBCool – This was only slightly harder than when I was elected president of the Illuminati. But I am now “Burgh Verified” @BoringPGH

Joan Mullooly j2kitty – It’s official, it’s in my profile. I am now Burgh Verified! @BoringPGH is doing their part to make #Pittsburgh not so boring today ๐Ÿ˜€

ellecostello ellecostello – I’ve been Burgh Verified!! Thanks to @BoringPGH!! My initiation was climbing to the top of the Liberty Bridge and spray painting my tag.

Emily emilysriley – yay!! my twitter is burgh verified by @BoringPGH thank youย ๐Ÿ™‚

Scott Aber youngabe – Yay, I’m now โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH! Follow them to be a real Pittsburgher! ๐Ÿ™‚

Z Brand Group zbrandgroup – Please #FF @BoringPGH, they came up with *Burgh Verified* which is a super cool concept that they deserve credit for.

Chachi Says chachisays – After the vigorous screening process being put forth by @BoringPGH i am now โœ” Burgh Verified

Mike Dellinger AngrierFish – If I understand the rules correctly, I’ve been officially burgh verified by @BoringPGH

Jill inxsfan11 – LOOK AT ME, WORLD! I’m Burgh Verified, thanks to @BoringPGH!

Kristian PghKris – @BoringPGH How do you officially become burgh verified?ย  Have I done enough?

Andy Theobald AccessClosing#BurghVerified by @BoringPGH.
[pops cork]

Three Sheepthemoon – Since I speed through tunnels, I had to bribe @BoringPGH to let me become #BurghVerified

peaceturkey peaceturkey – Thanks to @BoringPGH I’m #burghverified !

michelle menozzi gypsa – I’m now #BurghVerified…and I didn’t even have to dispose of a body for @boringPGH

Rob Carr robcarrphoto – Getting โœ” *Burgh Verified* wasn’t as rough as getting shot at, but @BoringPGH sure was tough! A worthy opponent!

Laura calsabon – I fought the falcon at the top of the Cathedral to be #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH Totally worth it.

Eric Williams FunkyDung – Getting *Burgh Verified* by @BoringPGH was rough, but at least Obama didn’t shake me down for $20 billion.

stacey ambrose Stace131 – I have been #BurghVerified via @boringpgh

Lisa Jenkins lisajenkins3177 – Whew…had to streak through the Ft. Pitt tunnel, but thanks to @BoringPGH I’m #BurghVerified.

Kristen pghsciencenerd – I just got #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH and you should too!

Kelly Beth Clawson kbclawson – Thanks @BoringPGH for making me โœ” *Burgh Verified*, I am now even more AWESOME!

Christina chick_chris – I’m smart, hot, and talented. And now I’m #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH …my life is complete.

Jacqueline Inserra jackieinserra – I streaked through CMU campus to be #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH. What an adrenaline rush!

john duffy jmduffy97I still can’t believe what I just had to do for @BoringPGH to earn the title…but I am now officially โœ” *Burgh Verified*

Lucy Vallana lvallana – Holy shit am I sore…but it’s worth it because I’m #burghverified thanks to @BoringPGH!

Frank FuzzWadI may have had to set up a zip line across market square but it was worth it to be #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH

Laynie penstone – had to eat not one but TWO Primanti’s sandwiches in one sitting to be #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH. I’m full!

Jennifer Mathieson omgitsjen – Dude its a certification. Everyone else is a poser. RT @BoringPGH When @omgitsjen became Burgh Verified, she said: “Hahaha <3 you guys!!!”

Michael Warbux BeatSupreme – I’m officially “Burgh Verified” from @BoringPGH!! Make sure you follow them!!

Angela hypocycloidHey yinz guys! I’m โœ” *Burgh Verified* n’at by @boringpgh

Adam Daley ADRockRaiderOfficially being #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH ranks up there with the birth of my daughter and Kurt Angle’s Gold Medal. Woooo!

T.J. Williams MisterWunderful – I jogged in a thong on Grandview Ave. To be *Burgh Verified* @BoringPGH

Jen Bailie burghseyewife@BoringPGH WHOOOO! I gotta get @burghseyeview #burghverified tomorrow. It will happen. (Hopefully sooner than it took me….)

Anthony Peluso itspinkfreud – The rash I have from getting it will only last a couple weeks but #burghverified? That’s eternal. Thanks, @boringpgh.

John Y.[Bignup412]* Bignup412 – @BoringPGH You ‘Burgh verified Me Months Ago…..People Jus Finding Out ??! Lol !

Erin Marton REALTOR erinmarton – C’mon – ALL the cool kids are doing it. get #burghverified by @BoringPGH , the coolest of the cool……

Pam Pam_Wow – They like me. They really like me. After years of hard work, I’ve been *Burgh Verified*. I’d like to thank my fans, God, and @BoringPGH.

Kimberly Ann kimberly_ann – @BoringPGH made me ride the Duquesne Incline 50 times in a row, but I’m finally #burghverified ! And a little queasy ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

RossRenegade RossRenegade – @BoringPGH I just punched Bob Nutting in the face to be โœ” *Burgh Verified* by @BoringPGH. The residents of western PA can thank me later!

Rich Jones prsrant – I’d like 2 thank “The Academy”, and of course all of the little people, but mostly I’d like to thank @BoringPGH 4 making me Burgh Verified!

Jodie Johnson jcubed03 – I’ve been โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH and a kiss with Sophie Masloff.

rose webchyk – hey, @boringpgh: i swam across the mon — both ways! — just to get #burghverified!! and i liked it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Amanda Lee Kunz amandakz – I’ve been โœ” *Burgh Verified* by @BoringPGH. Thank you!

Paperclippe PaperClippe – So now not only am I @Tazaraki‘s #queenofthetristate I’m now #BurghVerfied, because @BoringPGH fucking rocks harder than pickles.

Hutch burghseyeview – It was tough but I think I made the grade @BoringPGH #burghverified

nah-nah msillnahnah – I think I just got #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH *sn not sure I did it correctly*

lee peet fourpeetOne skinny dip in the Point State Park fountain later and now I’m #BurghVerified. Thanks @BoringPGH!

4.1.Duece 41Duece – I think i am #Burghverified thanks to @Boringpgh I hope i did it right… lol.

Angela Hartzell rantpittsburgh – I’m now #BurghVerified thanks to @BoringPGH after running thru the usx tower fountain. Naked. Yelling “upmc sucks”

Emily Guzan emilyfallon – @BoringPGH Auditioned for the vacant Pierogi position on the North Shore and got #BurghVerified!

Jason Shavers jayeant – I confess, my blood is red, not black and gold but I am #BurghCertified by @BoringPGH so it doesn’t matter.

Dyann Carroll SteelerGalDyann – I had to devise THE plan for the completion of Route 28 construction, but I am now #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH ! Thank you!

Susyn Elise Duris susynandfolsom – had to give up my Steely McBeam doll to be #burghverified @BoringPGH.

Colin Dean colindean – had to drink water from the Mon to be #burghverified by @BoringPGH. What’s this arm-like thing growing from my back?

Valerie Lapcevich LappyGirl – Had to eat a Primanti’s Deluxe Double Egg & Cheese then test ride the Sky Rocket w/o puking to become ‘Burgh Verified! @BoringPGH

Steph StephanieG143 – I had to agree to give birth at Pants N ‘AT but I’m officially #BurghVerified in @BoringPGH! Living the dream!

Stephanie Rexroth srexroth – Step #2 in my hazing ritual to become *Burgh Verified*… I hope there’s no pantsing in my near future. (via @boringPGH)

James Webster lastpaw – I am now #BurghVerified thanks to @BoringPGH, I had to do…unspeakable acts, though.

Kat | Taurus Rising taurusrising – I’m sitting with @BoringPGH at the cool kids’ table!! I’m officially #BurghVerified ๐Ÿ˜€

Link Linktm – I just became #BurghVerified thanks to @BoringPGH I can’t say much, but it involved a Primanti’s Sandwich and a Pierogi race.

Draztyk draztyk412 – Shout out to @BoringPGH and all the other โœ” *Burgh Verified* members. I just got verified! Did you??? Well…..what are you waiting for?

Andre Kemp dreda18#Pittsburgh #world Dreda is now officially #BurghVerified ! #music #412hiphop @BoringPGH

Cami O. camio87 – I had to climb the Cathedral of Learning in nothing but a Roethlisberger jersey to get #BurghVerified, but @BoringPGH made it worth it!!!

BRILLZ YOUNGBRILLZ#beingburghverified = priceless @boringpgh is the exalted ruler of this !!!!

Lindsay Weichler PoshPGHgirl – The hardest thing I ever had 2 do…Had 2 sing a GO #PITT chant in my #WVU Alum shirt to get #BurghVerified from @BoringPGH

Jason Draper drapinski – I’ve been โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH. ………. …. ……………………. ……………….. ……………

Lori T steelcitydiva – I was just *Burgh verified* by @BoringPGH! if you dont know you bettah ask someone

Matt Filip PensBoozeAnger – I am officially Burgh verified because @BoringPGH hooked me up with some love #BurghVerified

Tracy Ludwig punkrawkpenguin – Because @BoringPGH thinks I’m awesome, I’m now #BurghVerified

Josh P. oldtimepenguins – Officially โœ” *Burgh Verified* by @BoringPGH #BurghVerified Lets Go Pens!

Jonathan Chen WikiChen – After being #BurghVerified, I climbed to my apartment’s roof and was beamed back to the Mothership. My mission was complete. @BoringPGH

Andy Muka AndyMuka – Thanks to @BoringPGH, I gave 10,000 candy bars to bums on bridges to become #BurghVerified

Scott Snyder superstillers – I ate 2 large fries, a whole pizza AND a picher of Irn at the O to become โœ” *#Burgh Verified* now I’m ready for sum Jumbo. Thanks @BoringPGH

Deb C Deb_in_Pitt_PA – I crossed the equator in the USCG & became a shellback after a ceremony; I almost liken it to becoming โœ” *Burgh Verified* Thanks @BoringPGH

Nicole Tracey PensU_Nicole – Just became #BurghVerified and it is life changing thanks to the awesome people of @BoringPGH

Sammy buySAMadrink – Thanks to the sweet kids of @BoringPGH I am OFFICIALLY #BurghVerified — OH BUY SAM A DRINK AND GET HER DOG ONE TOO!

Lauren backmeupBRENT – hey kids, it’s official, i am #BurghVerified! @BoringPGH.

Kaitlyn kakakatey – officially #burghverified thanks to the wonderful @boringpgh wooooooo

Aliza Balcer ZPAwoman – Good lord the hoops a yinzer got to jump through to get #burghverified Thanks @BoringPGH

Melissa Melissa_Ott – i’mma say this. it wasn’t easy and took some brain power on my end, but i figured it out, and now i am #BurghVerified. Thanks @BoringPGH!

Roxy B BeachGirlRoxy – How awesome thanks to @BoringPGH I am #burghverified ………. …. ……………………. ……………….. ……………

David Smith D_Woo – I have been officially #BurghVerified @BoringPGH ………. …. ……………………. ……………….. ……………

Ken Brannigan kbthree – Thanks to @BoringPGH I’m now cool. And by cool I mean #BurghVerified

Justin jxshao – For @BoringPGH, I fought off a zombie horde, faced off against The Weather, & proved my undying loyalty to PGH! – I am… โœ” *Burgh Verified*

Megan Kennedy Into_TheBlue – Thanks to @BoringPGH for getting me #BurghVerified !

Jennifer Phillips AFMJen – Finally, my Twitter life is complete. Burgh verified, thanks to @BoringPGH.

Katie Hocevar krhocevar – Thanks @BoringPgh for making me #BurghVerified, I feel totally exclusive now!

Anna Cioppa 29believe87 – I have been #BurghVerified everyone! Thank You @BoringPGH !! (:

Justine Russo me_big_dumdum – Yay! I can stop complaining (about this, at least)! I am….#Spartacus? Nooooooo!!!! I am #BurghVerified! Thanks @BoringPGH!

Nicole K. calipanthergrl – I wanted to come up w/ something witty to thank @BoringPgh for making me #BurghVerified, but this tweet will have to suffice.

sara cropcho sarliz88 – is now #BurghVerified. @BoringPGH make sure to follow!!!! show u how pgh ISNT boring!

Malcolm Reynolds PghRedPilHad to prove that I had eaten at every Primanti Bros. before I could be โœ” *Burgh Verified* Thanks! @boringPGH

Claire P. pghrugbyangel – Yippy skippy. I’ve been #Burgh Verified by @BoringPGH. I guess driving all over the city & suburbs this week got me something after all…

kdiddy kdiddy – thanks for making me Burgh Verified,

battle bot tagbattle20010 – @BoringPGH told us we are #burghverified for our never ending heckling of @bobmayo he would never cut it on #televisionhill

GMDD Brandterns GMDDBrandterns – We’re officially #BurghVerified. Thanks @boringpgh!!

Katie Capri katie_capri – @BoringPGH thanks for making me officially boring in pittsburgh. I needed this verification #burghverified

Brett Banditelli banditelli – @BoringPGH That wasn’t an FF. Somehow I got burghv’d without having to dress up like a wizard at the zoo. I wont tell anyone 0.0

JenEngland JenEngland – So as understand it I’m Burgh Verified as per @BoringPGH. But the process has made me feel like an old technophobic crone. #Gitoffmylawn!

bradenmikael bradenmikael – I am finally โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH. Go me!

Brandon M Walker TheRealBMW412 – Thanks to @BoringPGH I am officially BURGH VERIFIED!

Amit G amitg99 – thanks @boringpgh for the #burghverified love!!! en route to Edgewood now

Chris Lovett chrislovett – I am now โœ” *Burgh Verified* by @BoringPGH = YES!!!!!!

Square Cafe TheSquareCafe – Square Cafe is honored to be โœ” *Burgh Verified* by @boringPGH!

Will Reynolds Young WReynoldsYoung – Its official I am โœ” *Burgh Verified* – thanks to @BoringPGH

Stephanie Krasinski Tinkiebell – After an endurance trial&serious deliberation, @BoringPGH declared me ‘Burgh Verified’. I am wiping the hypothetical sweat off my brow now.

Joe Piasente JAPiasentWell I can cross one thing off of my Bucket LIst @BoringPGH has offical declared me to be Burgh Verified!

Becky MacKay bec1980 – Well check me out.. @BoringPGH has Burgh verified me!! I’m SUPER awesome, and everyone should be SUPER jealous.

jayla crane yeaitsjayla – I guess I’ve been burgh verified by @BoringPGH! A monumental moment in my life. I’d like to thank all the little ppl that made this possible

Sophia Saxman sophia_s77 – Thanks @BoringPgh ! i’m finally #burghverified … and it was easier than figuring out the changes in the West End Circle week to week!

Jenn Gore Jennmgore – just became #burghverified thanks to @boringpgh ……….. ………….. …………….. ………….. ………..

Joe & Betsy joeandbetsy – We’re finally #burghverified! And there’s 2 of us, so you know we had to work twice as hard as the rest of yinz. Thanks, @boringpgh.

Amanda Paciorkowski mrs_ski_pgh: O!!!! You won’t believe what @mr_ski_pgh and I have to do on our honeymoon for @boringpgh, but now we’re #burghverified! #worthit

Jessica Hickey JcHickey1026 – Finally I’m Burgh Verified!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks @BoringPgh ………… ………….. …………….. ………….. ………..

Toast! Kitchen&Wine ToastPgh – @boringpgh we have been *Burgh Verified*, foie gras for everyone! ……… …….

Yuengling_PGH Yuengling_PGH – Hey @BoringPGH I just updated my account. Can I now be officially considered โœ” *Burgh Verified* ?

SuperHuman iAmSuperHuman_ – I’m Burgh Verified now. Shoutout to @BoringPgh …. …… …………………… ………………….

Pittsburgh LANparty! PittcoLAN To get โœ” *Burgh Verified*, we lost the Clamato bowl at Iron Storm X and have to drink Clamato chased with IC Light for @boringpgh.

Ted enophiledude – @BoringPgh i want to thank you for accepting me for who i am..and to all the peeps that made this possible.. i am truly โœ” *Burgh Verified*

mermanda mermanda – YEAH! @BoringPgh bestowed the highly revered โœ” *Burgh Verified* seal of approval upon me. I will eat a large O fry by myself to celebrate.

Samantha Smith PGHCalendar – Happy Friday! @BoringPGH just made my week…officially #BurghVerified!

Jaime Dray WeddObsessed – @BoringPgh just made my dreams come true. I am now truly Burgh Verified! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh thank heaven.……………..

Amy Fisher aphotobug – All @BoringPGH‘s #burghverified talk reminded me to join! Hence, I am now #Burghverified! Woot!

kevvyg kevvyg – I was nobody b4 I was โœ” *Burgh Verified*. Now, I’m a perfectly balanced mix of protein and carbs, like a Primanti’s sammich. Thx @BoringPgh

sarah kay moxiepow – โœ” *Burgh Verified* via mucho gracias @boringpgh! ….. …….. …………………. ………..

cortney andrews cortneymarie412 – hey world! im officially #BurghVerified! Thanks @BoringPGH!!! <3 #pittsburgh, what are you waiting for?! get #BurghVerified!!

Mary Elizabeth Woll PixieDust61286 – Well, it’s Twitterficial! I’m a real Pittsburgher, because I’ve been #BurghVerified ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to @BoringPgh!

Cap'n Morley capnmorley – The Cap’n has been โœ” *Burgh Verified* by the @BoringPgh buccaneers! Aaargh, n’at!

Jill S JillPittsburgh – Today I got a new inspection sticker on my car and thanks to @BoringPgh I’ve got the #BurghVerified tag now too. I’m good to go.

Johnny Carenbauer cyclepa11 – I feel complete now that I am Burgh Verified!!! Thanks @BoringPgh.

Andy Quayle techburghWorking on a #BurghVerified membership with @BoringPgh. Looking forward to being part of the great group!

Tom Bartins thepitt – Thanks @BoringPGH for officially listing me as Burgh Verified. I’m officially official.

Joe Steeler JoeSteelerfan – ~ Was flown into Pittsburgh on the Arch Bishop’s jet “Holy One” and was baptized “Burgh Verified” at @BoringPgh <~ I’m a new man! #Blog

Angelica syntaxxerrorrr – Phew, that was harder than getting Winter Classic tickets. Thanks @BoringPgh for making me โœ” *#BurghVerified*!

Mel lifeliberty#burghverified with @BoringPgh I shall now remove my Cleveland. People are starting to unfollow me bc of the possibility of Steelers tweets.

maggie BaconBra – @BoringPGH I never imagined being #BurghVerified could feel so good!

Daveen Rae Kurutz DKreports – Wow, what a tough challenge to become โœ” *Burgh Verified* with @BoringPgh

Leslie Uriss Spehar lesliecreates – I feel like Miss America with her shiny new crown. I’ve been #BurghVerified by @boringpgh!

McGinnis Sisters McGinnisSisters – After 64 years we are finally on the way to becoming Burg Verified thanks to @BoringPgh – Peaches for everyone!

Ron Porreca mygreensburg – To get โœ” *Burgh Verified* – On my honor, I will do my best. To do my duty to @BoringPgh and my city and to obey the #BurghVerified tag

Kristin Ross baronetess – PHEW. Finally. Those peeps at @BoringPgh really run you through the wringer to get verified. Background checking and such, I suppose.

Ashley Jones umcanyounot – The other day, I fell on the sidewalk & cut open my knee. That was still easier to deal w/ than getting #BurghVerified. Thanks @BoringPGH!

Amy C Kline Amy_MCGJazz – Yoi and double yoi! I’ve been #BurghVerified, friends! Thanks, @BoringPgh!

Christine Iwanski ciwanski1 – Watch out kids….I have officially been #burghverified by @BoringPgh!

Timofee O'Ghoul CorpseFire – 29 years of living in Pittsburgh, and now I finally have something to show for it. Thanks @BoringPGH !

Living Pittsburgh LivingPgh – Thought I was going to have to reincarnate Einstein to get LivingPGH #BurghVerified by @BoringPgh, but it looks like we’re in!

Josh Miser StormFreak – @BoringPgh On my way to being #BurghVerified… I feel like a new man.

David Julian Roth downtown_designFeels like a good nite to become ‘Burgh Verified @BoringPGH

Janet Greenley PnutBugMomAfter living in the city for 10 days shy of 32 years, I am now โœ” *Burgh Verified, thanks to @BoringPgh ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nizye West JayNizzy412shout out to @BoringPgh …..i am now Burgh Verified…..HA! (mac miller voice)

NUKE KNOCKA nukeknockaJust got #BurghVerified shoutout to my friends @boringpgh! Join the movement!

I Made It! Market IMadeItMarketthanks to @boringpgh, @imadeitmarket is now #burghverified with a shiny new tag in our profile! Keep on creating Pgh!

Christine frostysgirl I’m finally officially #BurghVerified thanks to @boringPGH I feel so special now! Woot Woot!

Stacie stacmckJust became Burgh Verified by

Amazing Yoga AmazingYoga – @boringPGH Had to do tripod headstand for 90 minutes in a 90 degree room to become BurghVerified, but we gladly did it.

Karen Dickinson laurapetryBeing โœ” *Burgh Verified* means Christmas comes early this year! Thanks, @BoringPgh.

Cari Jo CariJo92Thanks to @boringPGH I am now #BurghVerified!!! A true yinzer needs to follow them now! ๎–

Eric erockpghI just became โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @boringPGH. Now that I am drunk with power, I need to figure out what to do with it.

Kat katsburghWoot! @BoringPgh thinks I’m awesome so, now I’m officially #burghverified

Rachel Reznik herenowhere3i’m โœ” *Burgh Verified*, that makes me special. fear me and my boring ways. #BurghVerified @BoringPgh

Dubble 412dubbleAfter 23 years a iron city and a #7 from peppies Im finally burgh verified shout out @BORINGPgh

Angie Candell Poag angiecandellI’ve been โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BORINGpgh !! =)

Autumn Shreve autumns18@BORINGpgh Yay my Twitter life is complete! I’m now #Burghverified!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Davon Magwood davonmagwood@BORINGpgh โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to these guys~~ i look forward to checking the emails out!!!

Kat Wolfgang KatWolfgang@BORINGpgh is awesome…I’m officially #BurghVerified! Happy happy joy joy!

Anastasia ThePandoraSpotLuv luv luv…. being burgh verified by @boringpgh since I’m well from Pittsburgh and well I so Luv luv luv being in the “in crowd”

Dawn Lilly dawnlillyis officially #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH this means…. I rock ๐Ÿ™‚


Vecenie Distributing beersince1933Proud we have been bringing the good beers to the Burgh since 1933. But are even prouder to be #BurghVerified in 2010. Thanks @BoringPGH!

Lauren Bracey burghiliciousSweet! I’m *Burgh Verified* just in time for #pcpgh5 Thanks @BoringPGH

Brian Meyer thebrianmeyerw00t. Got my โœ” *Burgh Verified* from @BoringPGH hella fast. It must really be boring in Pgh today. Thanks!

gina ginaginaSGpghAwesome! I am officially #BurghVerified. Thank you @BoringPGH *phew!*

Dane Weir thedanerI went to Philly and took a chainsaw to the Rocky statue to get #BurghVerified. Thanks @BoringPGH!!

Charissa S. CharizardiIt’s a great day to be #BurghVerified… Holla, @BoringPGH!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Brett Banditelli banditelliSo glad to be #Burghverified by @BoringPgh – all I had to do was tattoo the incline on my face… Myself!

Rachel rachelpiSo excited to be #BurghVerified by @Boringpgh! This calls for a Strip District expedition to celebrate. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lindsay Hart LinLoLuvthe screening process of @boringpgh to become #burghverified is truth…hmmm maybe i can bribe with some free kicks?*evil grin*

Dan Timko Timko88Proud to say that I am *Burgh Verified*

Lyle Bogart BogartBurghI am now #BurghVerified thanks to @BoringPGH. Go #Steelers #NFL Special thanks to @TidePrideGA74 for giving me the heads up.

Douglas dmase05Thanks to @BoringPGH I’m now โœ” *Burgh Verified* in the #blackandyellow! Best city in the nation! Follow @BoringPGH now!

Lindsay โ™ฅ Davis steelersgurl81To become #BurghVerified , had to eat 2 Pitts-burger Primanti’s sandwiches (barfed everywhere) but TOTALLY worth it =] @BoringPGH

Ajit Copacet1cI am now officially โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH … why aren’t you?

Wesley Stanton Roach wesleySHARKCzech it out. I’ve been “โœ” *Burgh Verified*”, via the fine folks at @BoringPGH!

JT HPOMCThanks to @BoringPGH,
I’m proud to be #BurghVerified!

Julie Marckisotto pghmakeupI’m in the #burgverified circle (of trust) thanks to @boringPGH

Heather lostheatherI have been #burghverified by the awesome @BoringPGH! Will add the tag to my profile once power has been restored in #drearypittsburgh

I hear black IHearBlack@BoringPGH not sure, but I think I’m #BurghVerified now.

Lauralynn Schueckler Lauralynn_Hey everybody (whole world) I’ve just been #BurghVerified. Thanks to @BoringPGH !! Let’s go downtown for a Primanti sammich n at, yinz guys!

ใƒžใƒผใ‚ฌใƒฌใƒƒใƒˆ kissncryThanks @BoringPGH for letting me join the awesomest club in town. Now I’m officially #BurghVerified

Barry G. g4barry@BoringPGH Spent my lunch break in one of those uncomfortable-ass chairs in Market Square. What else can a guy do to become Burgh Verified?

Emily watzanemThanks to my antics in the cemetery, I am finally #burghverified ! I love living in @BoringPGh for reasons like this.

Nick Caruso Hairy_HelmetI became #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH once Tomlin listed me on the QB depth chart.

Gwendolyn Schmidt gwenixI’m apparently being Burgh Verified by @BoringPGH. Go me.

Timely Chen TimelyC@BoringPGH It’s nice to be the first cat ever to be #BurghVerifed. Purrrrr =^.^=

Hand knitted Burgh Verified winter hats sent in to us by @Zether

Hand knitted Burgh Verified winter hats sent in to us by @Zether

Della S. zether – After bribing my way into the club with hand knitted hats, I’m finally #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH!

Liz Williamson ecwilliamson@boringpgh Having attended both Duquesne and Pitt, working and living in the city, I am proud to say I am #BurghVerified

Pghreader pghreaderis โœ” *Burgh Verified*
by @BoringPGH

Cory Hart swineburnerealized the one thing missing in my life was my lack of being #BurghVerified ,todays the first day of the rest of my life.thanks @BoringPGH

nyxautumn nyxautumnAfter sharing a case of Iron City beer with @BoringPGH, I am finally #BurghVerified!

Melanie Friedlander Girlsurgeon@BoringPGH Thanks for making me #BurghVerified! Now I’m a complete Steelers fan, ready 2 see the Ravens get hit hard @ Heinz. Go Steelers!

Benjamin avenirexOf course, I had to wait until the most typical Pittsburgh day to be โœ” *Burgh Verified* It’s only fitting. @BoringPGH

Miss Cathy OhioSteelerGirlThank you and shout out to @BoringPGH for getting me #BurghVerified. Loved the Jagoff post! Lol

Mike Youllneverguess GolfCzar56I went and got โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH just so Jeff Reed won’t take a swing at me thinking im a papertowel dispenser

Patrick Daniel DrunkenGiraffejust became โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH. no help needed >.>

Stuart Strickland bus15237I am now officially #BurghVerified.

Carly Skinner virtualcarlyI’m #burghverified and I have a date with a donut first thing in the morning: Hope a t is still avail by then @boringpgh

David Kephart davidkepI just got โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH #BurghVerified

Eric Salinger esalingeI just became a member of a very exclusive club. Address changed. time zone change. Life upgraded. Thanks @BoringPGH

Erin steeltowngirlYep, I’m #BurghVerified now thanks to @BoringPGH!

John Kostuch kostuchI just got โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH #BurghVerified

K McGinley WechselrichterOfficially #BurghVerified ,
thanks @BoringPGH

The Wrong Airport thewrongairportThanks @BoringPGH for helping us get #BurghVerified

Muzthetruthspkr MuzthetruthspkrSo happy to finally be โœ” *Burgh Verified* by @BoringPGH. I will proudly display in Ohio to all the fake fans out here!!!

The Goodie Truck TheGoodieTruckProud to announce that we have been #BurghVerified! *scratching a pencil across the list* Now we just 2 of those shirts…Thanks @BoringPGH

Bret Kenyon onlinebretJust got #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH , and yes, that keeps me warm at night

Jordan Knox jknox86I had to fight 13 men for @BoringPGH to make me โœ” *Burgh Verified*. Just kidding, I actually had to kill them. #ItsaJoke #DontCallTheCops

Troy Detter troydetter@BoringPGH I’ve paid Pittsburgh’s pea-brained city occupational tax since ’99, I’m #BurghVerified

Billy Chester billychesterAs the great grandsons best friends cousin to the late great myron cope, Id like to thank @BoringPGH for making me Burgh Verified!

Scot Edgell PrintProPghLadies and Gentlemen…I am officially Burgh Verified! Thanks @BoringPGH!!!

Pgh Industrial Hist pgh_i_hThanks @BoringPGH ! I am now #BurghVerified (and apparently you figured out my encryption scheme!)

Dave Levine levizzleGet yourself “โ˜‘ Burgh Verified” at! I’m doing it!

Don Nehez DonnieBeezer#FF @BoringPGH because becoming โœ” *Burgh Verified* is more exciting than driving thru the tunnels without slowing down! More difficult too!

David B Haffey dbhaffeyMy Life Is Complete & I feel dirty… I’ve been โœ” *Burgh Verified* by @BoringPGH #BurghVerified

David Kirven djkurveShoutout to @BoringPGH for making me the first Burgh Verified DJ! Thanks! #BurghVerified

David Kraemer DaveKraemerI just became #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH … I feel like my blood turned deeper shades of black n gold!

Eddie Agate EdheI’m โœ” *Burgh Verified* now because of @BoringPGH ….is that a good thing? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nicole Gabriel nicolelgabrielWatch out world….I’m #BurghVerified !!! As if there was any doubt that I should be. Thanks @BoringPGH !!!

MPIT MPITโ€œBurgh Verifiedโ€ @BoringPGH is the scaryist process since we faced that evil spirit in erie…but truthfully, this is harder, wish us luck!

Brenton Bairhalter BrentonBGetting Burgh Verified completes me… thanx @BoringPGH #GoSteelers #GoPens

David BigDaddyUK – Thanks to @BoringPGH I am now officially โœ” *Burgh Verified* . #HereWeGoSteelers #GoSteelers

Corey Miller 1of1000000Yup, I’m finally #burghverified, and it feels GREAT! Thanks @BoringPGH,for making life finaly taste like skittles and chocolate.

Jessie neverxlookbackLoving Pittsburgh more than your husband (Sorry again hubs) definitely makes you #burghverified !!

Katie kleinektGot #burghverified for refusing to acknowledge a certain craptastic Burgh team @BoringPGH #letsgopens #herewegosteelers

yinzerparty yinzerpartyTried to think of something clever to say I’ve been #burghverified by @BoringPGH, but have writers block. Instead, enjoy:

Cultural Event Coord HeinzArtsBig ups to Mr Cunningham but EVEN BIGGER UPS TO @boringpgh for the #BurgVerifie.d -ification!!!!111oneee1!!

darthcueball darthcueballAfter 3 mos, I finally figured out how to become #burghverified thanks to the wisdom of @BoringPGH – my life is now complete. #pittsburgh

Laura Brant Lauralee514I am now officially #โœ”*Burgh Verified* bitches! Much love to @BoringPGH !

Jacob Quinn Sanders. thejqsEatsburgh and I are now — wait for it — โœ” *Burgh Verified*. Probably just because @BoringPGH had nothing better to do.

Michael Sally MichaelSallyI finally became #BurghVerified …. @BoringPGH made me run up and down all of the Cathedral of Learning steps 10 times!!

New Alliance FCU newalliancefcuAll of our hard work and determination has finally paid off…We’ve been #burghverified by @BoringPgh!

Ana Bayne (Tun) anabellebeeYay, one does not need to be born a Yinzer to care about the Burgh. Thanks @BoringPGH, I’m glad to be part of the #BurghVerified club!!!

Bob Carroll Bob_CarrollThank you @BoringPgh for making me #BurghVerified! My life is now closer to completeness!

Karyn Trovato katrovatoโœ” *Burgh Verified* by @BoringPGH I know you’re jealous!! #burghverified

Cris CRIS_CFPGHGive me #burghverified or give me… Cleveland?!? Thanks @BoringPgh for the status. Look forward to being on the roll (& winning a tshirt)

Steeler_girl58 Steeler_girl58@BoringPGH #BurghVerified Oh, I wish I was a little #BurghVerified, that is what I truly want to be, cause if I were #BurghVerified love me

Future Tenant futuretenantSo now that we’re ‘Burgh Verified, will @BoringPGH come to our Open Mic and Easel?

Sharon M JagoffJewelryYea–today I’m thankful to be #BurghVerified! @BoringPGH Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving n’at!

Sam Murgie ProgSam6@boringpgh still having trouble remembering to add tags… Now proudly #burghverified

Troys Hair TroysHairI’m supposed to give @BoringPGH a shout to be officially *Burgh Verified* The Hair has Tweeted!

D R L stillersfaninwii am now burgh verified thanks 2 @BoringPGH! not only did i not have to memorize the greek alphabet…i didn’t have to know *any* alphabet!

Becky Willis mrsgregwillisFinally got Burgh Verified by @BoringPGH! #blackandyellow

Joshua Godwin jg_steelerfanIt’s official. I’m #burghverified !
Thanks @boringpgh

Ashley Salzman Ashley_Proj41its official! i am #burghverified many thanks to @boringpgh & my fellow burghers ๐Ÿ˜€

Mysterious-Producer Mysteriouspgh@BoringPGH and 10 goons jumped me for 1 minute. I held my own tho. Then @BoringPGH said “Welcome to the boring side. You #BurghVerified now”

Anthony Casaldi MostlyMinutiaeAnd just like that, the Council of Black and Gold-robed wizards that comprise @BoringPGH have voted me #BurghVerified

Ashley Frohnert ash_elizyay! i’m now #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH


Deborah Kocan deborahkocanYay! I’m #BurghVerified by @BoringPGH


Scott Haw snahaw0After weeks of waiting and hoping I am officially #BurghVerified! Thanks to @BoringPGH

Andre Blackston bigblayzeThanks to @BoringPGH for makin me Burgh verified!!! Made my Friday even better!

Jason Eminhizer SomeJasonPersonThanks to @BoringPGH for making me #burghverified…FOLLOW THEM!!!


dimitra tsiolkas unsewnhas officially been #burghverified
by @BoringPGH

Jessica Vallana Gray jvallanaWanna thank @BoringPGH for the *BURGH VERIFIED* status!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristy Brown PghRunner@BoringPGH made me shovel out Centre Ave. since plow men were on a coffee break, but in return, I am now Burgh Verified. Thx guys!

Michelle Byrnes shelby822Thank you @BoringPGH for accepting me into your group! #Steelers rock!

RashardVallandenhall rvallanaFinally #burghverified! Wooo thanks @BoringPGH. I love my city <3

Amber E HollyHood156shout out to @boringpgh for making me burgh verified!!!

SoHungryICouldBlog SoHungryBlogwe’re #BurghVerified (thx @BoringPGH) aka we’ve got mad food bloggin skills. Maybe now I’ll learn how to make pierogies

Danny Calheta NB_SteelersFan@boringpgh thanx for making me burgh verified i feel like a MADE man !

Aaron Smith Aaron_Smith_26Pizza Night and becoming #BurghVerified all in one night? Love it! Thanks again @BoringPGH

Matthew Kitson mwk89Thanks to @BoringPGH , now newly โœ” *Burgh Verified*


Stacey LOOS PINKBITCH2BITCHThanks to @BoringPGH I’m now burgh verified they get all the credit! Thanks Hon

Ashley Johnson Ashawee63Thanks for Burgh verifying me, @boringpgh! ๐Ÿ™‚ Woo Hoo!


Lewis LOOS DHSteelerFan86@BoringPGH I give all the credit to u my friend 4 making me *burgh verified*

Ginger Hites pxbHitesfive years and two burgh born babies later and finally I’m โœ” *Burgh Verified* Thanks @BoringPGH I feel like a cool kid now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Grandpa Goat GrandpaGoatI only had to eat three tin cans & a few french fries, but I am now *Burgh Verified*! Thanks @BoringPGH !

Mike Mazure MikeMazure@BoringPGH hooked me up! I’m now โœ” *Burgh Verified* !! #BurghVerified

Brad W HUGEBUCCOSFAN@BoringPGH 2 Facts: The Monongahela Incline is the oldest continuously operating funicular railway in the U.S. and I’m now *Burgh Verified*

Chanda SteelersDiva76@BoringPGH Thanks for the info!! I am now *burgh verified*. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lauren Livingstone LMLivingstoneThanks to @BoringPGH I am now *burgh verified*!!

Tim T. TT_7I am now *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH.
Are you?

Hannah E. Hardy HEHardyChristmas miracles do happen, @BoringPgh will grant you #BurghVerified status even when it has you forever to do it!

Brenda brendablue43Thank you @BoringPGH for making me โœ” *Burgh Verified*!!

Kara Tershel karatershelI am officially โœ” *Burgh Verified* Woo hoo! @BoringPGH @bobf_vstpgh

David Henry imau2fan
Thanks to @BoringPGH, I am now ‘Burgh Verified! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jen Orr thigpensrevengeHow am I not Burgh Verified? Complain about tunnels, check. Obsess about #Pens, #Steelers, check. Has JAROMIR on license, check. @BoringPGH

Josh Kennedy MR_KENNEDY610Hey @BoringPGH all steps are completed.. I believe I am now #BurghVerified

devin devinrobertEven though I live in California, thanks to @BoringPGH I am now Burgh Verified. My life feels strangely complete.

jennifer griffith wifeofbobbyI am โœ” *Burgh Verified*. woo hoo! thanks @BoringPGH

Eduardo Shuddafukup Shuddafukup – Officially โœ” *Burgh Verified* by @BoringPGH That’s what’s up. Go Stillers n’at!

dannalley dannalley – I am finally โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH hells yes!!! #burghverified

kasey berarducci kaseyberarducciThanks to @BoringPGH for making me burgh verified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I did it all correctly ๐Ÿ™‚ Lets go #Steelers

Erik Forbeck EFCONNECTUpon eating a chipped ham sandwich w/a side of pierogies & an IC Light, I was Burgh Verified right b4 a Stillers game. @BoringPGH

kelly handlovitch kellyrella691@boringPGH I had to stand naked in Market Square with slices of bread attached to me but now im โœ” *Burgh Verified* (pigeons bite! )

Kelly Rusinack KellyRinPAthanks to @BoringPGH for the โœ” *Burgh Verified* designation! who knew chatham would take me so far?!

JULIE MARQUEZ LAREINA412Officially #burghverified from @BoringPGH thanks yins guys!

Zachary Cacicia zachary_caciciaYES! i’m โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH. Also a big thanks to @TT_7 Wooooo!

Jessica Brown jessbrownYess! I’m #BurghVerified! Thanks @BoringPGH, I owe you some Primanti’s ๐Ÿ˜‰

The One and Only Me! SteelersNastyThanks to @BoringPGH , I am now โœ” *Burgh Verified* ! #Pittsburgh

Nick Richetta SteelCityBoy117Hey Steeler Nation listen up… I just got โœ” *Burgh Verified* yeaaaaaaa babyyyyyyyyyy! Thanks @BoringPGH !!!!!!!

Burgh Gourmand BurghGourmand@BoringPGH Thanks for the certifying me โœ” *Burgh Verified* That kinda makes me hungry now.

TPB Derek TPBderekhuge thanks to the good people at @BoringPGH . I am โœ” *Burgh Verified*

Jeremy Stockdill StocxTVis now *Burgh Verified* by @BoringPGH!

Brian K. Murphy bmurphy63Hey everyone, I got โœ” *Burgh Verified* today! Thanks to @BoringPGH ! #BurghVerified

Whitters whttrsOh yeah! Who got #BurghVerified? I did! Thanks to @BoringPGH! โœ” *Burgh Verified*

Steely McBeam SteelyMcBeam@BoringPGH oh snap, I’ve been haulin this beam around thinking I’m just in, well what are we waitin for, get me and my beam #Burghverified

Dave Layton FlavaDave89holla at @BoringPGH for making me burgh verified! love them steelers!

Chris Vogel ChrisAtPICBig thanks to @BoringPGH for getting me Burgh Verified!

Will Oddis ix4kidThe secret executives have met @BoringPGH and made the official announcement that I am #BurghVerified

Charles Garrett redman3170Thanks to @BoringPGH for voting me in to club! Now I’m #BurghVerified !!!

SteelersUniverse Steelers_UniverStarting the new year off right by becoming #burghverified. Thanks @BoringPGH!!

Brendan Sullivan bwsullivanTotally #BurghVerified now. There goes my 2011 resolution. What next? @BoringPGH

Amanda Higgins Higgie22So @BoringPGH was kind enough to make me #burghverified…Woohoo!

Erik Forbeck EFCONNECTUpon eating a chipped ham sandwich w/a side of pierogies & an IC Light, I was Burgh Verified right b4 a Stillers game. @BoringPGH

Follow @BoringPGH

Sherry Pendleton Sherry403Thanks to @BoringPGH and many dedicated years as a loyal Pittsburgh fan I am now proudly #BurghVerified HERE WE GO! #SteelerNation

Tammy H. SassyAuburnCongrats 2 ME! This #Steelers & #Pens fan is now โœ” *Burgh Verified* I think this fashion follower will wear black and gold today! @BoringPGH

Jason Silbers Silber_Bullet@pghpenguins dominate, Kuny gets a #hatrick & I’m now โœ” *Burgh Verified. A great day to say the least. Thx @BoringPGH

jlinn75 jlinn75Became โœ” *Burgh Verified*
thanks to @BoringPGH

Amanda Rae PghGurl@BoringPGH So I am officially #BurghVerified? If yes, woo-hoo! If not, what do I have to do?

Michael Beavers itzmykeybWell I did’nt win the Mega Millions but as of today I am #BurghVerified! Thanks @BoringPgh!

Cristal Muรฑoz steelers_munozI wanna thank @BoringPGH and everyone one else who made it possible for making me โœ” *Burgh Verified* THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!

Kayla idolfan3I am now โœ” *Burgh Verified* Thank you @BoringPGH!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kimberly Welsh mo_love_99@BoringPGH has deemed me officially โœ” *Burgh Verified*! thank u so much. such an honor ๐Ÿ™‚ #BURGHVERIFIED I’d like to thank the SteelerNation

ThreeRiversBurghBlog ThreeRiversBlogI am now *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH. Thanks, yinz rock. #herewegosteelers #letsgopens #letsgobucs

Kelley Webb Jama Kelleyjo8Thank you @BoringPGH for adding me to the โœ” *Burgh Verified* family. Love the #STEELERNATION

OutdoorInformer OutdoorInformer@BoringPGH has gave be the official stamp of #BurghVerified….hardcore Steeler and Pens fan core & pierogie eating yinzer…Cleveland sucks

Benny Cantley bencantley@BoringPGH thanks for the โˆš *Burgh Verified* you rock

Candace Mount blackandgold43I want to thank @BoringPGH for deeming me fit to be *Burgh Verified* …having issues w/ my laptop, so trying to do this via my phone..ugghh

Jeff Goodman 40heel@BoringPGH Thanx for making me #burghverified!! #blacknyellow4life

Charles Howe chuckhowe78If you don’t know how much it costs to be #burghverified by @Boringpgh, you can’t afford it.

Jen Harris heyJennayyy – An hour in to my visit to PGH and I am #BurghVerfied!! I may never go back to Ohio. Thanks @BoringPGH! Time for celebratory Iron City Beer!

โฅโฅLindaJโฅโฅ joeylawrenceGalSo…I am โœ”*Burgh Verified* yay! Thank you @BoringPGH !!! โ™ฅ my Steeler Nation!!! #STEELERS

Jesse Wisinski jessewisinskiI’m awesome, therefore I had to be *Burgh Verified* @BoringPGH

Mandy McFadden m0remandee – I’m the real deal. so is @boringPGH #BurghVerified

Brandon Sofranko BLACKnYELLOW87Thanks @BoringPGH for making me #BurghVerified!!!!!

JAS jaschafferYES! Shoutout to @boringpgh for making me one of the first visual artists to be #burghverified. #art #pgh

ErinPatricia ErinPatriciaI had to crowd surf at a Donnie Iris concert to get it but Im finally #burghverified from @BoringPgh

Gina Mignogna eventsgeek@BoringPgh – I love being #BurghVerified. Just sayin’. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tim Sheehan tshinny@BoringPGH I want to thank “YINZ” for making me Burgh Verified!!! Now I need to get a shirt so I can take it to the Super Bowl!

Ayla Schermer AylaSchermerDreams really do come true kids! I am now officially #BurghVerified!!! Thanks so much @BoringPGH!

Maria V wildthang412Yays! I am finally #Burghverified thanks to @BoringPGH I feel so special… like being the first kid picked for dodgeball #pittsburgh

Lauren fizleglitzWhew, didn’t think I could bend that way, but hey, now I’m #BurghVerified thanks to @BoringPGH!

Paul Landry PaulLandry0Thanks to @BoringPGH I am now Burgh Verified! See it pays to have dreams people.

legsliketreetrunks LEGSPGHATTN: Earth, we are officially โœ” *Burgh Verified* โœ” Thankyou @BoringPGH

L.A. MsPittsburgh1@BoringPGH Thank U Thank U Thank U 2 Boring PGH ~ I am officially “Burgh Verified” I was born a Steeler Fan & I will die a Steeler Fan ~

Jess Weise jlw1104I cannot feel my fingers or toes but it’s all worth it because I am now #burghverified! Thanks @boringpgh

Aaron Sworden amswor@boringPGH I look like BigBen but I wldnt piss in bathroom @Jacks on Carson St,let alone screw a chick,but I got burghverified in there!!

PGH City Creative citycreativeWoohoo! We’re officially #BurghVerified! Thanks @BoringPGH!!! Now we can go play in the snow and get boring with some Iron City pounders!!!

Megan from PPM PghPubMarketPeed a little bit in my pants when I found out we were #BurghVerified thanks to @BoringPGH!

Katie avisualtinkleeven though i’m lousy at following directions @BoringPGH saw it fit to make me โœ” *Burgh Verified* . Thanks

Mitch Gennuso mitchmanifestoI thought this would be another boring lunch break. Instead I ended up getting #BurghVerified. Thanks @BoringPGH and LETS GO STEELERS

Cheryl CherpensWoohoo I’m now officially โœ” *Burgh Verified* ! Thanks to the very unboring @BoringPGH! #letsgopens #letsgosteelers and #letsgobucs!

joe majors steeljoeeWooooo hooooo thanks @BoringPGH has verified me im official โˆš*burgh verified* baby!!!! Im in the club

Cassandra Peindl twentyfive2lifeI’ve just been #BurghVerified! Thanks @BoringPGH, finally after 27 years of living here, I have something to show for it! #Pittsburgh #Burgh


Thomas Hanlon BigNastyDefenseIam now officially #BurghVerified! Thank you @BoringPGH!

Marc Bowers marcbowers7@BoringPGH Major kudos and thanks for allowing me to become Burgh Verified. Now my 1 and only 2011 resolution has been resolved!

๏ฃฟ Roland P. ๏ฃฟ RoeBizness#SteelerNation I am now โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH and I subscribed to their website

Paula Ruter forever_trustHey, I’m *Burgh Verified*! Thanks @BoringPGH! It’s cool to be verified before Anna gets her transplant and we’re temp residents ๐Ÿ™‚

Nahum-Obed Sanchez nahum_sanchezAsk and Ye Shall Receive! Just got โœ” *Burgh Verified* by @BoringPGH First PuertoRican yinzer EVER! Better than arroz con habichuelas!!

Amanda pghsteelersgrlThank you @BoringPGH ! I’m officially #BurghVerified ๐Ÿ™‚

Tami Berringer thesteelersfan1Woo Hoo!!! Not only is it Friday but I am now โœ” *Burgh Verified*!!! Thanks @BoringPGH!!!

Barbara Sheridan BarbaraSheridan@BoringPGH Tag in profile check, forum & subscribed check. Does this make it official? Am I now really *Burgh Verified* ? #burghverified

Brian iron_citytv
@BoringPGH just Burgh Verified me….wooo hooooo!!!!

Brenna CPhT girlofwinterYes, the rumors are true! I’m finally #BurghVerified! Thanks @BoringPGH !!

Sally's Hair SallyWigginHairGuess what, tweeps? My gorgeous golden locks are now โœ” *Burgh Verified* thanks to @BoringPGH!

Arthur AMLKing#SteelerNation, and all others, Follow @BoringPGH and get ‘Burgh verified! Here we go, Steelers!

Skip Higgins skip1933After jumping through some hoops and hiking 30 miles in a horizontal snowstorm (uphill) I finally earned the title Burgh Verified @boringPGH

Dana Scully, bitches Feed_The_BirdsGuess what bitches? Im โœ” *Burgh Verified* & just in time to hang w/ Zach Quinto! Thanks @BoringPGH! PGH sucks just a bit less today!

DJ Hypnotyza hypnotyzathat’s right, y’all! โœ” *Burgh Verified*!!! shouts, @BoringPGH!!

PghLesbian24 PghLesbian24Lesbian central has been #BurghVerified Putting on my doc martens & fancy flannel shirt to celebrate @BoringPGH may become honorary lesbian.

Ryan DeuceSixโœ” *Burgh Verified* Thanks @BoringPGH for making my day!

Mac Daddyio macdaddyioYeeeeeeah baby! I’m #burghverified thanks @BoringPGH

gary myers grobbycore3OHHHH no i have been #BurghVerified thanks to @BoringPGH let’s go #SteelerNation!!!

Jenn Grover JennGroverThanks to @BoringPGH for making me โœ” *Burgh Verified* Here we go #Steelers … here we go!

Mick steelersfan610#S/O to @BoringPGH for getting me #BurghVerified Make no mistake about it If you aint a #steelers fan you aint sh!t #steelernation rise up

Christine Martinsky CAMartinskyOffically โœ” *Burgh Verified*. Thanks yinz guys!! @BoringPGH

Jeremy K jltk76Just became โœ” *Burgh Verified* !!!! F yeah America. @BoringPGH

Justin Ohmer jtpstealthThanks to @BoringPGH I’ve just been *burgh verified* lets get it @steelers! Pack em up and send em home!

Adam Benson Adam_Benson43Today I was โœ” *Burgh Verified*, it is easily the happiest day of my life, thank you @BoringPGH. You make dreams come true

Bryon Meehan bmehizzyBig thanks to @BoringPGH for getting me โœ” *Burgh Verified* #steelernation #7

Aceofspades AceOfSpades412S/o to @boringpgh. Completed my task I am now verified son

Burgher Bites burgherbitesBeing stuck in tunnel traffic is the ultimate Pittsburgh boredom … but it’s not as bad when you’re #BurghVerified — thanks, @BoringPGH!

veronica varos photo veronicavaros – Feeling pretty damn special now that I’m โœ” *Burgh Verified* by @BoringPGH ๐Ÿ™‚

Avete Osservato AveteOsservato – My first product, check out the jumbotron: That is indeed #12 the douche @boringpgh my nomination to being #burghv

joseph quinn jmastersteel – @BoringPGH well if you look at my bio i think im burgh verified ,hopfully? let me know?

Bill Pintsak SteelerBill13 – Huge Shoutout (do they still give those) to @BoringPGH who officially ‘verified’ me today. Follow them!!

tony white tonywhite412 – is officially *Burgh Verified*
by @BoringPGH

Charles Vatter OHSteel – Just got Burgh Verified. I can now tweet with pride thx to @BoringPGH.

Laura Staniland CivicsLab – Apparently the @BoringPGH committee just endorsed me. I didn’t even have to give out any gifts to get it. Sweet. โœ” *Burgh Verified*

Happy Harry HappyHarryClown – Hi, @BoringPGH โ€ฆ so glad to be โœ” *Burgh Verified* I’m clicking my heels! (in my seat)

Paul Patrulescu Palutz59 – I’m now #burghverified thx to @BoringPGH… Last night was rough for any Steeler fan but thank you for making today a little better.

Devin dm5 – An upside on this somber Monday… I’m now #burghverified thx to @boringpgh

SteelCityConfections SCConfections – OMG @BoringPGH graced me with verification!! Steel City Confections is now #BurghVerified! I think I peed a little…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Steelers Sunday SteelersSunday – @BoringPGH may get around to putting me on the master list if they recover from the iron city beer and smiley cookie hangover #steelernation

Cristie Stockdill cristiebriii – @BoringPGH just #burghverified me now its time to go party go #stillers

Sean Robinson SeanRobinson09 – Burgh verified all thanks to @BoringPGH !! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks a lot !!

KReneaLatorre๎Š krenee01 – I just got โœ” *Burgh Verified*!!! Thanks @BoringPGH!!! Xoxoxo!

Mick steelersfan610#S/O to @BoringPGH for getting me #BurghVerified Make no mistake about it If you aint a #steelers fan you aint sh!t #steelernation rise up

Christine Martinsky CAMartinsky – Offically โœ” *Burgh Verified*. Thanks yinz guys!! @BoringPGH

This Master List was last updated on 10/16/2017 but may not be complete. If you do not see your official Burgh Verified announcement listed here, tweet at us.