Friday , 29 May 2015

No More 412 Numbers on Google Voice

Google Voice 412

In trying to get a new Google Voice number for the one that I neglected and lost, I found that there are no more 412 numbers available. Since Google has some sort of office in Bakery Square, maybe all their peoples grabbed them up. I could understand if every vanity number ending in ‘Burgh’ was taken, but not a single Pittsburgh number? No free 412 digits, now what?

So, I tried the second best option: 724. None of those could be had either (I’m kind of relieved).

Google Voice 724

Perhaps this explains why Google is taking back numbers from users who don’t log into their accounts and use them. Let this be a reminder, if you set up a Google Voice number for you business or project, you should log in every so often.

If you need a local number, it looks like you might be stuck getting a Magic Jack or wait until Google confiscates more unused numbers. I sent a support email to find out if they will ever have Pittsburgh numbers again, but Google is isn’t exactly known for the best service, so I don’t expect to hear back.

  • Dave

    This is fairly standard – new numbers are freed up on a rolling basis. Probably you’ll find more 412 numbers pretty soon.

    • Edward

      I hope you’re right! I’m just hoping they won’t stop giving out 412 numbers for good.

  • DDD

    Got screwed out of my number too and was forced to get some shitty area code out of Iowa.

  • Eric

    I just tried to get a 412 Google Voice number for myself and was unable to (which is how I found this site). After some more searching I found this article that says Google is getting rid of Voice, so I wonder if that’s why we’re not able to get Pittsburgh numbers anymore.

    Google plans to kill Google Voice in coming months, integrate features into Hangouts:

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