Bovie House Apartments on Ellsworth Ave in Shadyside

On the way to or from the bars on Ellsworth Avenue, you might have walked past an old electrical parts store that looked like a bad episode of hoarders. Or maybe you were too drunk. Either way, it looked out of place among the surrounding watering holes. It has since been torn down and a lot of folks are wondering what the new space is going to be. Our Burgh Verified friend David Julian Roth (aka @downtown_design) gave us the scoop on the rapidly growing structure:

What is being built along the Ellsworth Avenue Corridor?

That’s Pittsburgh’s new Bovie House! It is located in the heart of Shadyside at 5730 Ellsworth Avenue between Spin and Fuel On.

Uh, wtf is a Bovie House?

Well, the Bovie House is going to offer new ground floor retail space with 15 luxury apartments above.

What does the name mean?

The building is constructed on the site of the former Bovie Electric Supplies Co. It is named to honor this local history and Mrs. Bovie who is now in her 90’s. She ran the company for nearly 50 years and the developers (Integrity Construction, Inc.) wanted to keep their family name on Ellsworth.

It would be more fun if the B were replaced by an M (movie house – which Shadyside lacks!). But, is there anything interesting or noteworthy about the construction of this new Bovie House?

The brick, stucco and stone exterior of the building utilizes Insulated Concrete Form exterior walls. ICF wall systems combines solid, reinforced concrete with high density expanded polystyrene and galvanized steel to create structures that are more comfortable, more energy efficient, and more structurally secure than those built with traditional construction methods.

How tall is it going to be?

Total height will be 4 stories.

So when will it be ready for new businesses and residents?

Occupancy is scheduled for Spring 2013.

View from 3rd Floor of Shadyside's Bvoie House

Bovie House on Ellsworth Avenue architects concept drawing