Performance artist and drywall expert, Steve Pellegrino, laments and sings the blues about the possible demise of his favorite workpants. A plasterer workman’s song with an accordian solo.

This is one of the latest uploads by Braddock Films Inc., an award winning production company based out of – you guessed it, Braddock, PA. Tony Buba and his company have been putting out films since the mid 70’s. Outsourcing and small town decline is nothing new to Tony, who has documented these stories in titles like Voices From a Steeltown, Lightning Over Braddock, and The Braddock Chronicles. Find more of his work here.

Carhartt Baby, You Broke My Heart
Steve Pellegrino, Hardkote Productions
Producer: Tony Buba / Director: Darin DiNapoli / Editor: Tom Dubensky

Shout out to @Banditelli for the tip.