iPhone 4s cellhelmet case by cellpig. Made in Pittsburgh!

iPhone 4s cellhelmet case by cellpig. Made in Pittsburgh!

It’s true that Levi’s jeans are made in Mexico and your beloved iPhone 4S is built in China, but now you can get a protective case that’s manufactured right here in the Burgh! Not only is cellpig’s new cellhelmet iPhone case going to be 100% Made in Pittsburgh, it includes one full year of guaranteed accidental insurance!

Confident or Crazy?

The cellhelmet inventors are so confident about their new locally produced and reasonably priced iPhone protector, they say once you slip your phone into the ultra sleek case, you can drop it, throw it, or even step on it. “If your iPhone 4/4S breaks inside of a cellhelmet – you’re covered.”

So you can stop paying for monthly insurance from your crooked carrier, and support a local start-up while protecting your overpriced communication device in style.

cellpig originally launched a project on Kickstarter in an attempt to raise $10,000 to help produce the new cases. It’s a give and take world, so for each $40 donation, backers get a cellhelmet with two different colored backplates.

I wanted to send out a personal message, instead of a bulk newsletter post, as the following is very near and dear to my heart.  My company (cellpig.com) just launched a new product on Kickstarter.com, which will revolutionize the way people protect their iPhone 4/4S’s.  I’d be honored if you could take a second to look at the project and give me your personal input.  We’re looking for all the domestic support we can get, as this project will be manufactured 100% in the Pittsburgh area.
-Michael Kane (@cellpigMike) Burgh Verified CEO of cellpig

The project went viral and turned into a group buy! Within a week they already exceeded the $10K funding goal with 31 days remaining, giving you plenty of time to pre-order your cellhelmet.

Now is your chance to spend some money locally and protect your iPhone at the same time. Don’t have an iPhone? Buy a cellhelmet for a friend. Don’t have any friends? Donate 20 bucks to get a super soft cellhelmet t-shirt, then maybe you’ll get some friends!

CellPig's New CellHelmet on Kickstarter: Back This Project