The Brew Gentlemen Beer Co Matt Katase & Asa Foster

Matt Katase and Asa Foster are Pittsburgh’s Brew Gentlemen. These CMU alums started kicking around the idea of brewing their own beer while in college. Since graduating in May 2012, they formed a company, leased a facility in Braddock, secured funding from the Allegheny County Economic Development Program, and have been learning as much as possible about the industry of brewing and distribution. Matt and Asa aren’t jaggin’ around, they’re serious about this venture.

Everything is ready to go, but they need a bit more cash to move this thing forward. On September 28th, the gentlemen launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to start production. $25,000 big ones will land Pittsburgh a brand new craft brewery and you can help make it happen.

We live in a give and take world and part of the fun in backing projects on Kickstarter are the kickbacks. The Brew Gentlemen are offering a bunch of rewards for joining their mission, including: handmade wooden coasters, glass growlers, invitations to their backer party, signed art prints of the Braddock skyline, and more all explained here.

Even if you can’t afford to pitch in to the project now, you can help by spreading the word and asking your favorite bar or beer distributor to start carrying The Brew Gentlemen.

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Update 11/7/12:

The project has surpassed the funding goal by $7,118!

Brew Gentlmen Fully funded on Kickstarter