This technology is kick-ass! The guys at EyeSee360 are putting together some interesting videos to demonstrate novel uses of the GoPano Plus optic. It’s so cool to see a Pittsburgh headquartered tech company (founded at CMU back in 1998) that is still in town and using local people and places to market their products.

How It Works

GoPano Plus uses a specially curved mirror. Its shape gathers light from all directions and reflects it into the lens of your camera. This single image shows everything in a 360° ring around the optic. On your computer, this warped image is transformed — or unwarped — into an interactive scene where anyone can control the view.

The skater said they were right on the river, but we can’t figure out where. If anyone knows, please leave it in the comments section below. If you had this camera for a day, what would you do with it? How cool would it be if they put the GoPano in the middle of Heinz Field during a Steelers game!