Saturday , 30 May 2015

Happy Berry Frozen Yogurt in Shadyside

Happy Berry Frozen Yogurt on Walnut Street in Shadyside
Happy Berry Frozen Yogurt on Walnut Street in Shadyside

Say hello to your new addiction, Happy Berry Frozen Yogurt. The doors to this cute and colorful, self-serve froyo joint opened this week on Walnut Street in Shadyside.

A brief history of yogurt shops in Pittsburgh

Oddly enough, no yogurt shop has attempted to enter the Shadyside market since the demise of Karmic Yogurt on Filbert Street. For those of you who don’t recall, Karmic Yogurt was one of the first (if not the first) yogurt shops to bring the so-called Cali style of fro-yo to the Burgh. The place had issues though, and not just the cramped size. It was a bit pricey, they offered just two flavors, and only served their customers during the warm months of the year. Not long after Karmic opened, Sweet Berry popped up in Oakland with a similar business plan that included more seating and better tasting product, but still overpriced in a bad location (Meyran Ave off of Forbes Ave). They were too far away from Pitt and CMU. Students rarely venture that far down Forbes, and the parking is limited.

Then it happened. Razzy Fresh opened their flagship store on Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill and they introduced a brilliant new way of running a yogurt business in Pittsburgh: self-serve. It became a daily habit for many Pittsburghers. Pulling the lever is fun, you don’t have to wait in line, you control the portion and don’t have to deal with some lazy kid messing up your order. It wasn’t long before Razzy Fresh stores were filled with customers and Karmic Yogurt and Sweet Berry were only filled with bored employees waiting for someone to walk through the door. This new player in town sent a message loud and clear that the others needed to either consider changing their business model, or hit the road. And that’s exactly what happened. Karmic closed. Sweet Berry was sold to a new group which immediately switched over to the self-serve format.

But let’s get back on topic. After all, this is about welcoming the fresh new Happy Berry location on Walnut Street. This place is great, and they’re doing everything right so far. The place is clean, the layout is cozy, the people are nice, and the yogurt is delicious! They’re starting out with 8 flavors, but have room to add two more machines. Soft serve/frozen yogurt machines are extremely pricey (almost $20k!), so it’s smart of them to plan ahead with room to grow.

It might not be perfect timing with the warm weather behind us, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere. At least they will remain open during the winter season unlike Karmic Yogurt. It’s interesting why another froyo place didn’t try to open in Shadyside sooner. It really is the perfect neighborhood for a treat like this. The best snack to enjoy after yoga class or shopping! Maybe the overpriced rent is what kept everyone else away?

Best of luck to Happy Berry. Keep us… happy.

Where is it?
Happy Berry (map)
5529 Walnut Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 622-0220

What are their hours?
Sunday – Thursday until 11pm
Friday and Saturday until midnight

How much is it?
That depends on how much of a glutton you are. You fill your own cup and they charge by the weight. 41 cents per ounce.

Happy Berry FroYo on Walnut Street in Shadyside
Happy Berry FroYo on Walnut Street in Shadyside
Happy Berry Frozen Yogurt on Walnut Street in Shadyside
Happy Berry Frozen Yogurt on Walnut Street in Shadyside
Happy Berry Frozen Yogurt on Walnut Street in Shadyside
Happy Berry Frozen Yogurt on Walnut Street in Shadyside
  • Kelly

    Omg I’m sooo excited! This place looks great and it looks like they have 8 flavors to choose from. Any idea what the flavors are? Will they rotate them like Razzy?

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Kelly, they have 8 flavors now with room for 12. On the day of our visit, they had vanilla, chocolate, original tart, taro (yum!), mango, raspberry, cake batter, and cookies ‘n cream.

  • sml

    Sweet. Still trying to fill in my Razzy Fresh punch card, but will have to try out this new place sometime.
    Speaking of Shadyside businesses… does anyone know if the smoothie place on Walnut & Ivy (across from PNC) is new, and if it’s any good? I just noticed it a few weeks ago, but I never really pay attention to that corner. I’ve been craving a Smoothie King or Jamba Juice style smoothie. (The Juice Box ones are ok but different.)

    • LG

      @SML – yes, the smoothie joint on the corner of Walnut & Ivy is pretty good! They have a good selection and also have self serve as well (seems to be the trend these days!) Great option after hot yoga or a workout at the X.


  • Kelly

    I went there today and I have to say this place is delicious. I’m in love!

  • Maple

    Love their yo, but it was wayyy too cold in there!!! I swear to god they had the AC on tonight.

  • oaktotheland

    There was a time when I would agree with the writer’s sentiments about Meyran Ave being too far away from the students, but how do you explain Razzy Fresh’s success there?

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      Hi oaktotheland… A few things come into play with your question. By the time Razzy opened in that location, people already knew their brand. Also, Being up the street is a lot different than being on a corner that everybody passes as that drive down Forbes Avenue. Sweet Berry was up the street where nobody could see from Forbes. By the time Razzy Fresh opened in Oakland, everyone already knew all about their style of selling frozen yogurt. Sweet Berry and Karmic were old news and not attractive.

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