Is There a Game or Something T-Shirt

Is There a Game or Something T-Shirt

A reader sent us a tip about a shirt she came up with. We decided to share it with you guys because a number of you will appreciate the humor behind it and she’s donating proceeds from the shirt to Animal Rescue League.

I like your site! I wanted to share a shirt I made that has generated some friendly hate mail from my Facebook friends. I originally made it for myself, but when I wore it, a few people pulled me aside and told me in shameful whispers that they would like their own. Anyway, it’s available through Zazzle (link), and I’m donating the royalties to the Animal Rescue League. It seemed like a pretty Boring Pittsburgh thing, perhaps worthy of apathetic acknowledgment. Or whatever.

Read the description:

How many times has this happened to you? You’re living in Pittsburgh and all your friends and co-workers are wearing their Steelers jerseys and t-shirts. And you, not owning a TV or giving a damn about sports, inevitably get asked the question: “So, you gonna watch the game n’at?” And you’re like, “Huh? Is there a game?” And they laugh and think you’re joking. But really you’re not. But wear this shirt, and they’ll think you are. Throw it on when more than 50% of the city is wearing Steelers gear, and you’ll probably be right that there IS a game. Works for the Penguins, too. Might work for the Pirates, but no one follows those guys. Enjoy!

We’re not into sites like Zazzle/Cafe Press/Spreadshirt, but not everyone is set up for working with printers and mailing shirts to customers. Sites like these do all the dirty work for you, but the downside is they take an extremely high commission and you never know what the print quality is going to turn out like.

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area and have some cool shirt ideas, we implore you contact Ink Division Printing.  They are the official printers of the BurghVerified by Boring Pittsburgh tees. These guys are super easy to work with (excellent for newbies to the shirt printing arena) and fast + affordable, which are qualities that are not always easy to find in shirt printers. Oh yeah, one more important tidbit of information about Ink Division… they are cool with small orders and won’t try to rake you over the coals! They won’t look at you funny when you approach them with an order for a few shirts that you just want to give to your friends and family.

Call 412-381-1104.

Tell them we sent you.