Looked up gentrification in the dictionary and found a picture of a macaron shop in the middle of East Liberty.

A local shopping district that was once locked behind one way streets has recently been freed with new culture bestowed upon it including offerings like poke bowls and macarons.

Now you and the residents of the newly constructed, granite and stainless steel luxury apartments in East Lib can indulge in your very own tower of French confections and bowls of uncooked exotic sea creatures.

For the same price as a PAT bus ConnectCard ride Downtown, patrons can enjoy roughly 2 inches of sweet meringue-based goodness. If you close your eyes while letting the sugary almond treat melt in your mouth, you might actually forget where you are.

Ah, we kid yinz! It’s good to see new businesses opening up with beautiful design and good eats.

But one can’t help but think that it’s only a matter of time before developers succeed in what seems to be a master-plan to rid the area of hair extensions, nail studios, urban menswear shops, and check cashing spots. Will we see these original businesses wiped out one by one and replaced by luxury pastries and $178 premium stretch jeans?