Boy Billionaire Changes Name To Zuckerburgh For The Day In Pittsburgh

This is what the newspaper headlines should look like this morning in Pittsburgh, but they don’t. Which is why we don’t understand how the story became such a big deal last week after Carnegie Mellon University issued their press-release about Mark Zuckerberg coming to Pittsburgh November 8, 2011.

Since when did Mark Zuckerberg become a celebrity? This isn’t the guy who played Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network we’re talking about, this is the actual Mark Zuckerberg. And no offense to him, but who cares? In fact it’s rather boring news since the event isn’t even open to the media or regular students – it’s invitation only (and probably for a select group of PhD students)!

Note to reporters and editors: Mark Zuckerberg’s campus meetings will not be open to the public or the news media.

Maybe the hoopla is because Zuck’s stop at CMU is among two other college visits including Harvard and MIT. It’s no secret that CMU has a complex about being almost Ivy League, but c’mon guys, a visit from Marky Mark and the Facebook Bunch doesn’t mean anything more than better PR for Zuckerberg and free advertising for Facebook. Then again, it makes sense that he would throw CMU into the mix since it was one of the early schools to get exclusive access to the site (with a university email address) and CMU kids seem to use Facebook way more than other sites like Twitter.

Ah, we kid CMU and their special guest. But for real, next time you guys (and other Pittsburgh media) make a big commotion about something like this, make sure it’s not a closed event. At least get him to change his name to ZuckerBURGH for the day, or open up an office here to create some jobs!