Milkman Brewing - Pittsburgh, PA

Milkman Brewing - Pittsburgh, PA

What comes to mind when you think of the milkman? Get your mind out of the gutter! We think of locally produced craft beer with a passion for finding novel methods of stirring up flavors nobody has ever heard of before. Now you can become part of the excitement:

Hello drinking public!  The opportunity to support a newly-arriving craft brewery with your hard-earned money is here.  We know that you should probably put the money towards college funds and tacky Christmas sweaters, however, fermentors and kegs are gifts that keep on giving.

Speaking of giving… ’tis the season for it!

Jamie Rice, Justin Waters, and Kyle Branigan are three friends (in association with Chris from @pghmarshmallows) who have been homebrewing together in Pittsburgh for a while. With your help they will be able to take their hobby to the next level. This new business in the Burgh means more local beer for you!

They are only going after $5k, but Boring Pittsburgh thinks they could have easily asked for twice as much. After all, another Pittsburgh based Kickstarter project was somehow able to raise $20k for fonts. It just goes to show how humble the Milkman guys are and that they’re willing to make each dollar count – and in our opinion, deserving of every penny.

By the way, four award winning words to remember in December: Pitt City Peppermint Porter. It’s amazing. Now all we need to do is convince them to make a Boring Pittsburgh brew.

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