Noodle Uchi Ramen Restaurant on Craig Street in Oakland, Pittsburgh 15213Ting Yen is making moves to create a Sushi Fuku empire. Boldly competing with the Rose Tea Cafe folks for domination over the Asian food scene in Pittsburgh. He has expanded his business yet again with newcomer Noodle Uchi.

Located on South Craig Street in Oakland (right next to Sushi Fuku and across from Rose Tea Cafe), Noodle Uchi will allow patrons to create their own ramen noodle bowls – sort of like the create your own sushi roll/bowl at Fuku.

The mystery here is why do these restaurateurs continue to open all of their businesses next to each other? It’s as if they’re scared to branch out to other neighborhoods. Perhaps someone from Pitt or CMU business schools can chime in, but isn’t this style of expansion only going to gouge their own business? Like Starbucks opening two locations in the same intersection…

While the Fuku crew can cross ramen off the list that already includes sushi and bubble tea, we’re looking forward to seeing how this new place turns out. Has to be better than Maximum Flavor, right?

Where is it?
415 S. Craig St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 251-0541

When do they open?
Don’t know. Their last post on Facebook was on October 3, 2016 and read: “getting ready to open!!! stay tune for free ramen samples!!!”

What are the hours?
Not sure yet, will update with review, etc.

Are they hiring?
Yes, there is a now hiring sign posted in the window.

Teaser interior pic grabbed from their FB page:

Noodle Uchi Ramen Restaurant on Craig Street in Oakland, Pittsburgh 15213