Peet's closing all coffee shops in Pittsburgh

Peet’s Coffee & Tea couldn’t compeet with Pittsburgh’s addiction to Starbucks. They closed their Oakland, Southside, and Waterworks locations today. This leaves another huge empty storefront, and one less place for free wifi.

The Oakland location was always bustling with students and the coffee wasn’t half bad. One thing that separated Peet’s from Starbucks across the street was the lack of a rewards program and smartphone app, but apparently the problem is bigger than that. Peet’s should have known there might be a struggle with the market here since they took over the old Caribou Coffee stores due to similar issues.

We’re sad to see them go, but it’s another great reason to support your local coffee shop instead of that other mermaid brand. In Oakland you can check out Crazy Mocha on Oakland Ave; when in Southside go to Big Dog Coffee on Sarah Street; Waterworks has a Coffee Tree nearby.

What would you like to see occupy the space next?