Perspolis Hookah Lounge in Oakland Pittsburgh, 304 N. Craig St.

Perspolis is a new hookah bar that opened on N. Craig Street in Oakland. If you’re bored with Mint and Sphinx, then this might be the place for you. Boring Pittsburgh hasn’t been there to choke on some smoke yet, but it sounds promising.

We offer Persian style hookahs, tea, and coffee from around the world alongside Middle Eastern delicacies. We aim to host an experience unlike any other establishment in the greater Pittsburgh area.

We’ll see about the big promises, but one thing we noticed is that they’re open until 4am. Until 4am?! Any place that stays open past 12 or 2 is already at the top of the list in our book. The bummer is that most places start out offering late-night hours, then end up caving in to closing earlier and earlier because of the lack of customer participation. Pittsburgh and late-night is kind of like a chicken and the egg situation. Do Pittsburgh venues close because Pittsburgh people don’t go out after midnight? Or do Pittsburghers not go out after midnight because they already expect everything will be closed?

We maintain the highest quality of smoke by dedicating each hookah unit to its own flavor, therefore there is a limited list of flavors available; however you can drop us a message stating which flavors you would like to experience at Perspolis, and we will work to accommodate you and your party in the future.

If you know your hookah and frequent the lounges in Pittsburgh, then you know the stale taste with underwhelming flavor that comes with some of the hookahs here. Not sure if that is something to do with the products they use, the coals, or the hookah itself, but we’re willing to bet that having one flavor per setup will make a big difference.

Perspolis: Ancient capital of Persia is your favorite hookah lounge in the city of Pittsburgh.

When we looked up the city of Perspolis, we found a Wikipedia page about Persepolis. Maybe Perspolis is the Persian way to spell it. Either way, there is now a new place to go until 4am – or, at least until they figure out nobody will show up that late.

Where is it?
Perspolis Hookah Lounge
304 N. Craig Street (near the CVS)
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

What are the hours?
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: 4pm-2am
Thursday/Friday: 4pm-4am
Sunday: 4pm-11pm

Perspolis Hookah Lounge Menu (as of 4/2015)

Perspolis Hookah Lounge Pittsburgh Oakland N. Craig Street

Perspolis Hookah Lounge Pittsburgh Oakland N. Craig Street

Perspolis Hookah Lounge Menu

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