Friday , 29 May 2015

PetSmart to Open in East Side Borders

PetSmart is coming soon to East Side
PetSmart is coming soon to East Side

What is more boring than 12,000 square feet of empty commercial space? A store that isn’t needed. PetSmart is gearing up to open a new location in the bottom level of the bankrupt Borders in East Side. It isn’t needed, and we implore you not to shop there.

…Because there are already two fantastic, locally owned pet stores within a block from the Eastside shopping area.

Update – also check out:

This is not an attack on PetSmart. We simply want to support locally owned businesses and strongly encourage our readership to do the same. If you so passionately claim to love the Burgh, then don’t even think about stepping as much as a pinky toe into the new PetSmart location when it opens this upcoming May or June.

Business is business. That’s why it’s understandable that developers are using “Eastside” (or is it East Side?) as an opportunity to make big bucks from big box retailers. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy into their business plan.

Smiley’s Pet Pad has been around since 1972, and Petagogy opened up sometime last year. Don’t let the emergence of an ugly department store impact these A+ Pittsburgh businesses. Shop at Smiley’s and Petagogy where you’ll be served by people who love animals and hand select the very best products for you and your pets. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, just ask them to order it – both stores will even delivery to you if you live nearby.

A recent Pittsburgh Business Times article said the PetSmart store will have an in-house veterinary clinic. So what. There is already a veterinary center across from Petagogy. It’s a shame that the article failed to mention the Pittsburgh-based pet stores already in existence.

If you are a Pittsburgh hater and absolutely must spend your money at chain stores, there is already a Petland (Ohio corporation) in the Trader Joe’s shopping center down the street. After you visit the PetSmart once to see how they removed the escalators and transformed the space from bookstore to pet store, please continue to buy your pal’s food and toys from Petagogy or Smiley’s. Your best friend deserve it.

Benefits of shopping at Pittsburgh independent pet stores
Benefits of shopping at Pittsburgh independent pet stores
Eastside Borders becomes Petco (major constuction on the first floor)
Eastside Borders becomes PetSmart (major constuction on the first floor)
  • I Made It! Market

    sure- why not big box the hell out of East Liberty. It is so BORING drawing flavor from the small independent businesses owned by real Pittsburghers.

  • Larry

    PetSmart is the best they could come up with? They really are trying to turn East Liberty into Monroeville or Robinson.

    • move then

      what’s worse a shopping area or a ghetto?

  • Ready Go

    We started shopping at Smiley’s Pet Pad when we moved to Pittsburgh a couple of years ago – we love it!They are super nice, have everything we need or are eager to order whatever we want and their prices are equavalent or LESS than the big pet stores!

  • Bloomfielder

    Shit yinzers say gets 90 hits on this site and a thing like this only gets 6. This is what’s the matter with Pittsburgh and it will get worse. Nice try BP, but save your breath. Shitsburgh is going down the drain!

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  • Tea

    I have to point out the hypocrisy of Boringpittsburgh in publishing this piece…

    Do you realize, that as I sit here viewing, I see the following advertisement on your website: “ – Save on Dog and Cat supplies > shop now [hyperlink].” really?

    • Boring Pittsburgh

      This is a free site that you are enjoying at our expense. While we do our best to work with only local sponsors, we also display other advertisements that help to create some revenue. Those advertisements are randomly generated and are served based on the content in the post and your search history.

      BTW, has local sellers too. So, while the main ad might have been pointing to Amazon pet supplies, you can choose to only buy from Pittsburgh based sellers on there.

      Thanks for pointing this out. If local businesses are interested in supporting the site and displaying their ads to Pittsburgh, they can feel free to contact us here.

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