Is Razzy Fresh Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt moving to Oakland?

Is Razzy Fresh Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt moving to Oakland?

Back in May, we reported about Dunkin Donuts preparing making a strategic entrance into Oakland. With Pitt and CMU, Oakland is a college-town with too many irrelevant businesses – most of which close before dark. It doesn’t make any sense, and this is one of our gripes here at BPGH. College kids go to class all day, then in the very neighborhood they are stranded in (at least during year one), there is nothing to do at night.

The more fresh-minded businesses that enter Oakland, the better – for everyone. We recently heard from an unconfirmed source that Razzy Fresh is making plans to bring their self-serve frozen yogurt closer to college town. Rumor has it that¬†they are going to open a second location on S. Craig Street right next to Starbucks. (Update: this rumor has been debunked…Razzy Fresh is not moving into that location, but they are moving to Oakland soon.)

This might not be true, but the thought is exciting. It would be awesome for Pitt and CMU students – and probably awesome for Razzy Fresh’s cash register, too. Their Murray Ave shop is already so busy and constantly has lines out the door.

The potential Razzy Fresh storefront appears to be extremely small, but it’s still an ideal location. What’s so good about Razzy Fresh? They are different than anything else in Pittsburgh. They have a refreshing business model that ventures away from what we’re used to. They let the customer help themselves and have fun doing it – no more crabby service people being terrible at serving. And they are open until 11:30pm every night.

Even if the speculation is wrong, please don’t open another boring business in an area that is full of locals who are desperate for something fun. The “locals” in this case are mostly young people who aren’t from Pittsburgh and who risk the chance of losing their minds sitting in their 5′ x 8′ dorm rooms, wishing they were back home. If you’re planning on opening another business in Oakland that offers nothing to the students, don’t bother, save your money – unless you’re comfortable with failure.

The pictures you see here are not real. They are an inartistic rendition of what it might look like if Razzy Fresh really opens on S. Craig Street.

Is Razzy Fresh Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt moving to Oakland?

Is Razzy Fresh Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt opening on S. Craig Street?

Is Razzy Fresh Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt moving to Oakland?

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