Row House Cinemas Interior Single Screen Theater

Lawrenceville is about to be blessed with a new single screen theater. Located on Butler and Main in the 15201, Row House Cinema is set to open softly (meaning they’re still learning, so go easy on them) on Friday, June 6th with an official grand opening expected on June 21 (Pulp Fiction at 7pm).

The theater itself can squeeze in up to 88 moviegoers, and will show three features per day.  The schedule is kicking off with American Graffiti, along with other classic titles including Gangs of New York, The Matrix, Spaceballs and more. Check showtimes at

We’re hoping the theater will use social networking as their primary way to curate the selection.  So far, they don’t even have Twitter or Facebook links on their site, but after reading this post maybe that will change.

Tickets are 9 bucks for regular folks. If you’re a Larryville hipster or still in school, you’ll save a dollar. Thursdays are $6, as are daily matinees before 6pm.

Oh yeah, and they serve draft beer with natural popcorn covered in “real butter”.

Row House Theater Drawing