Wednesday , 28 January 2015
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S. Craig Street Starbucks Getting a Makeover


The Starbucks between U. Pitt and CMU is being remodeled.

If it’s anything like any of their other new layouts, the vibe will be a little on the dark side with weird seating arrangements.

They are also rumored to be getting the Clover brewing system which costs around $4 per cup. Worth it, and only available in four other places in the Burgh, but better served as a Shadyside novelty rather than to students looking for free wifi (which is odd that they don’t offer Clover in Shadyside).

It’s definitely time for an upgrade at this location, but what they really need to change are the hours!

7pm on weekdays and 9pm on weekends? Sure, this is Pittsburgh, but come on, this is right in the middle of two college campuses!




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  • Not a Coffee Tree Employee

    The new layout is wack. And the baristas there have a bad attitude. Go to Coffee Tree across the street.