Thai Place Shadyside

Walnut Street (Shadyside) has some of the worst (and overpriced) eats in the city. It’s usually not worth driving/parking there for food. Ever since Walnut Street turned into a strip mall with big box clothing retailers like Banana Republic and J-Crew, many of the eating options turned into food court quality.

Thai Place was no exception. IT USED TO BE GOOD. But it went downhill and something was missing. The food went from desirable to being a head-shaker. It took forever to be served even when they weren’t busy. How can Thai people mess up Pad Thai?

Like most places on the block, it was a far cry from what you’d expect in the posh side of town where people have money to spend on Porsche sedans and $1,000 bags.

When a place like this closes, we always go to the reviews. They explain a lot: Yelp. Google.

On a positive note, the owners and servers here were extremely nice and it was touching to read this on their site:

As the owners of the first Thai restaurant in Pittsburgh, Santi and Surin came to Pittsburgh in 1967 as scholar graduate students from Bangkok, Thailand. After completing their studies, Santi worked as a professional engineer and Surin as a microbiologist in the Pittsburgh area for many years.

Surin’s family in Thailand had a catering background and she was known amongst her friends and family in Pittsburgh as being a very good cook. These friends soon encouraged her to open a Thai restaurant since one did not exist in Pittsburgh at the time.

Thai Place still has locations in Wexford and Waterworks if you want to give them a chance.

We’ll update this page when we know more about what’s going in the space.