WE LOST OUR WAREHOUSE and most definitely NEED YOUR HELP. ill get more details but the overall gist is that the landlord sold the whole city block and we need to move way faster than we would have ever given ourselves to find something. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE in and around the city that has a warehouse that is sitting empty - or about to go on the market, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. dan@cwpress.com 6000 sq ft minimum - more is great. (note: if its advertised, ive probably seen it - driven passed it, called about it - but am open to anything) More info coming soon - all questions will be answered then so for now and together - LETS FIND THE FUTURE SITE OF COMMONWEALTH PRESSThere are tons of empty spaces and warehouses in Pittsburgh!

If you have something that has been sitting there for years, making the city shitty and not making money, then you need to reach out to Dan at CommonWealth Press.

He’s an open-minded guy in desperate need of some space for a thriving local business. Give him a call and work out a deal. http://www.cwpress.com

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