Wednesday , 27 May 2015

Boring Pittsburgh

November Twitter Contest Winners List

BurghVerified Bumper Sticker Twitter Winners List

Earlier this month we tweeted a random picture of guts of a Pittsburgh tunnel and asked you to identify it. The correct answer was the Armstrong tunnel. Congrats to the winners! If you’re on the list click here to email us and claim your prize… Learn more about the Armstrong Tunnel from

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Boring Pittsburgh’s I Made It! Market Program Ad

Boring Pittsburgh I Made It Market Ad 2012

In case you missed I Made It! for the Holidays this year (shame on you), here is the Boring Pittsburgh print ad from the show program. Special thanks to @PBT_Kelli, @WReynoldsYoung, @MichaelSally, @DanielaWallroff, and @syntaxxerrorrr for their glowing testimonials! Without you guys, this kick-ass ad wouldn’t be possible. And shout-out to @imadeitmarket for all that they do for the Burgh!

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Burgh Verified Member of the Month: Freestyle (@Frzy)

Freestyle @Frzy - Burgh Verified Member of the Month: October

October means Halloween and the Burgh Verified MOTM is rockin’ his diamond encrusted skull ring and bracelet to mark the occasion. Introducing Freestyle aka @Frzy. This hard-working, local recording artist is on the rise and full of hunger and determination. Get to know more about this Pittsburgh-born performer in an exclusive interview coming later this month! For our 10/2012 lookbook, ...

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Burgh Verified Member of the Month: Becky Cibulka (@SaborPgh)

Becky Cibulka @SaborPgh - Burgh Verified Member of the Month: September

Ah September, the autumnal equinox finds us again and students of all ages head back to school. To celebrate both, Boring Pittsburgh would like to introduce yinz to the Burgh Verified MOTM: Becky Cibulka aka @SaborPgh aka Ms. Cibulka aka Señorita Cibulka. Becky is a Spanish teacher and writer of a local Latino/Hispanic blog called Sabor Pgh. Veronica Varos chose ...

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Burgh Verified Member of the Month: Laurie Sabolsky (@LSab22)

Laurie Sabolsky - Burgh Verified Member of the Month: August

I’m a complete Burgh girl, born and raised, and take pride in my city through volunteering around the community and exploring every nook and cranny it has to offer. That same sense of pride that anyone reading this feels. It was my goal to channel what I feel for this city into something positive, and something I connected with. Boring ...

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Pittsburgh Forum 1,000 Members Strong and Growing!

Pittsburgh Forum Celebrates 1,000 Members!

The Pittsburgh Forum celebrated its 1,000th member* this weekend! Boring Pittsburgh created the Pgh Forum as a place for residents, visitors, and fans of the Burgh to meet each other and exchange ideas, questions, rants, and raves. It’s also the premiere site to share Pittsburgh events and happenings aka #WhatToDo412.

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