Monday , 24 November 2014
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Rate Pittsburgh Parking Authority 1 Star on Yelp!

Pittsburgh Parking Authority on Yelp

Pittsburgh Parking Authority is on Yelp! Yinz won’t get the same sick satisfaction that the meter maids get when they tag your car, but it could be a healthy way to vent. We’d all give them 0 stars if we could, but the minimum rating on Yelp is 1 star. Some user was trying to be funny and gave them ... Read More »

Kaleidoscope Cafe wants to answer your questions

Kaleidoscope Cafe Vlog

Back in 2010, Akirah and Chef Dan teamed up to start a restaurant in Larryville called Kaleidoscope Cafe. Not only are they business partners, they’re also married. One morning last week, the couple went to work as usual only to find an unexpected maintenance issue. The details of this maintenance issue are somewhat mysterious, but the point is that it ... Read More »

A Message from Secret Agent L

Secret Agent L says to "Get Burgh Verified!"

Secret Agent L made us this comic strip and she has message for all yinz guys: Don’t be a jagoff! Get Burgh Verified, n’at! The Queen of Kindness is seen sporting a ladies cut Burgh Verified tee above. Follow her at @SecretAgentL. Join her project here. m4s0n501 Read More »

Pittsburgh Forum 1,000 Members Strong and Growing!

Pittsburgh Forum Celebrates 1,000 Members!

The Pittsburgh Forum celebrated its 1,000th member* this weekend! Boring Pittsburgh created the Pgh Forum as a place for residents, visitors, and fans of the Burgh to meet each other and exchange ideas, questions, rants, and raves. It’s also the premiere site to share Pittsburgh events and happenings aka #WhatToDo412. Read More »

BYOB in Pittsburgh

BYOB Pittsburgh

Acronyms are fun, and if you spend enough time on it, you could probably think up some good ones for BYOB. The most common meaning for that four letter combination is already the best: Bring Your Own Bottle (or beer, or booze, or… you get the point). If you are a foodie with a thirst for spirits, BYOB is the ... Read More »


OMG CMU - A funny Facebook page about life at Carnegie Mellon

A new community page recently popped up on Facebook to help alleviate the pains of being a Carnegie Mellon University student. OMG CMU is a funny an innovative social outlet for voicing complaints and observations around the campus. Taking ourselves less seriously one photo at a time. The page is a major hit so far, proving that a healthy dose ... Read More »