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Ryan Allan

A Mid-western-East Coast transplant who has been thrown into the 'Burgh. I have a Beard. I like beer. Good beer. And Unicorns...that bring me beer.


Brandon mostly writes about sports media for Boring Pittsburgh. He is a forum admin and gets bored with Pittsburgh weather. He once got to touch the Stanley Cup.

C. Couture

Christina is studying design in Pittsburgh and has never owned a pair of Uggs. She really wants a vintage 1960's Vespa (in cornflower blue).

Molly Cody

Molly is a food and entertainment blogger, proud Penn State alum, and native yinzer.

DJ Coffman

DJC is a Boring Pittsburgh comic strip artist. He draws stuff for a living around Pittsburgh. (@djcoffman)


"GQ" Dave Xu doesn't kiss and tell, but he certainly will eat and tell. He reviews restaurants and other stuff in Pittsburgh when he's not building robots.


Aaron has been eating food for over 30 yrs. Head chef in his Lawrenceville home, his favorite films include the Horseradish Whisperer, There Will Be Blood Oranges, and No Country Time Lemonade for Old Men.


WarBar is a guest contributor at Boring Pittsburgh. Are you interested in being a writer at BPGH? Apply here.

The Beardy Boy

The Beardy Boy aka Dustin Dowling is a filmmaker and comedian based in the Burgh. Without the beard, he looks 15 years old. With the beard he looks like a 15 year old, with a beard.

Mike Eaton

Mike Eaton works his day job in Point Breeze, but he's also the Pittsburgh Tea Examiner and a staff writer at Play Unplugged.

Expresso Ed

My name is Edward and I am a big fan of coffee and Pittsburgh. I frequent various coffeeshops in town while using their wifi to write these posts. I cringe when yinzers call it expresso but put it in my handle nevertheless. Follow me!

Guest Writer

This is a guest contributor who didn't set up their profile yet. If you would like to contribute your experiences, observations, ideas, and opinions at Boring Pittsburgh click here.

Nick Hurt

Nick Hurt is a current 5th Year Scholar at Carnegie Mellon where he studies business and film. Last summer he produced the winner of the 2012 Steeltown Film Factory competition, The Perils of Growing Up Flat-Chested with producing partner Yulin Kuang. Nick plans to use “Steel Town” to gain attention and financing for a feature-length film about the Homestead Strike and cutthroat feud between Carnegie and Frick.

Yulin K

Yulin is a senior film student at CMU. She writes, produces, and directs short films... right here in Pittsburgh!

Melissa McMasters

Melissa McMasters is a guest contributor at Boring Pittsburgh. Are you interested in being a writer at BPGH? Apply here.


I'm originally from Pittsburgh but born in Iceland (military family). Attended Pitt but now reside in Orlando, Florida and never miss a Steeler game in Tampa, Miami or Jacksonville. Always talking Steelers football, even if it's just to myself.

Olivia Nicholas

Olivia Nicholas has been writing about life's big celebrations for over 10 years. She works as a writer for Storkie.

Meghan Olson

Meghan is a Pittsburgh artist and the owner of Clothespeg Press. She creates clever little ways to drop a line.

Jess Paul

Jess Paul is Pittsburgh actress who has starred in diverse roles and films including the 2014 Sundance selection, "The Immaculate Reception". [IMDB Profile]

Chris Rosella

Chris moved to the 'Burgh in '99, but still often feels like a foreigner. To quote a writer he likes, "A critic tells you whether or not it's art. A reviewer tells you whether or not the show's any damn good."

BitchBurgh Bethany

Bethany is an aging mother of two, who sometimes still goes out and wants to tell you all about it. A Pittsburgh native who never gets tired of exploring her own city.

Jacob Quinn Sanders

Jacob has been writing professionally for a decade. He recently moved to Pittsburgh and started a food blog to document his food explorations in this new city. Follow @thejqs

Jack Pierce

Jack Pierce is a WTF PGH content collector at Boring Pittsburgh. An artist at his day job, he has a good eye for the awkward and the ironic.

Justin Sines

Justin is a recent graduate from Duquesne University with a degree in Theater Arts and English. During the day he works as an Assistant Manager for Barnes and Noble selling textbooks, and in the evenings he prefers being in the theater.

Judy Phillips Snyder

Lifelong resident of Southeast Missouri. She has learned to cook perogies, spatzle, apple pancakes, and a Penn Hills version of Halusky. Judy was a charter subscriber to Warhol’s “Interview” magazine and wishes she hadn’t tossed them away. She can interpret some Pittsburghese into proper English.

Daniel Teadt

Daniel is a guest contributor to Boring Pittsburgh as well as a frequent performer with Pittsburgh Opera and the Opera Theater of Pittsburgh. He also maintains a private voice studio Downtown. On Facebook

Kelly Wilson

I'm a Pittsburgh transplant, bringing you the best of the Burgh. I'm into supporting local business, social media, and relevant Pittsburgh news. Follow me...