Friday , 6 March 2015

Video: Civic Arena Demolition Time-Lapse

It’s been exactly one year since they started removing the Igloo from Pittsburgh. Check out Mike Diggy’s (@mikediggy) time-lapse video of our beloved Civic Arena being ripped apart. The title couldn’t be any better: Meltdown – The Civic Arena Demolition.

Following a 50-year stint as Pittsburgh’s domed domain for sports and entertainment, demolition of the Igloo commenced on September 26, 2011. The above time-lapse contains over 300 photographs taken from the 17th floor of the Washington Plaza apartment complex. Eagle-eyed viewers can spot notable Pittsburgh events, including the Pirates home opener and the Independence Day fireworks display.

The video was compiled over a 10-month period by freelance videographer and grad student Mike DiGuglielmo. A previously-released documentary that contains vintage Civic Arena photos and Igloo history can be found at the following link:

Civic Arena Demolition: Before and After

  • The Drunken Cyclist

    Damn! Even with super-fast time-lapse photography, it looks as if lazy ass PENNDOT workers were the ones hired to tear it down! No wonder they had to speed it up 10,000x faster than the actual time since watching plants grow in real-time seems faster.

    A side note — don’t you just LOVE how these douchey corporations now own your publically view-able skyline with their crooked bankster logos and require designers and photographers to “photoshop” them out lest they get SUED — (albeit some photoshoppers are better than others as evidenced above HAHAHA.

    • BPGH Staff

      Haha, good observation. We do it like that on purpose so that people can clearly tell it’s been edited… an ongoing joke/rant here at Boring Pittsburgh. For reference please see this:

      • The Drunken Cyclist

        LMFAO — I was pretty sure that was on purpose. My first experience with that garbage was selling stock photography where I had to either edit all logos out of my skyline shots or sell them as “editorial” — which was easier so I figured let the Photoshop guy at whatever ad agency edit those out if necessary for advertising purposes since I have better things to do!

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