We’ve all gotten Peeps for Easter candy when we were kids. You either like them or hate them and even when you liked them you couldn’t ever really eat more than two could you? OK, so you know, there was NO eating of Peeps in the making of the first annual JR Bubba Shelley Easter Peeps Olympics!

We are somewhat leery about actually consuming peeps, being that they are indestructible and all. But it wouldn’t feel like Easter without them. Luckily, the Star 100.7 Morning Show came up with something far less boring than a Volkswagen Beetle with a fiberglass mold on its roof (aka the Peepster).

Watch the video above to see who wins the gold medal in the Pittsburgh Peep Olympics.

Peeps are sometimes jokingly described as “indestructible”. In 1999, scientists at Emory University performed experiments on batches of Peeps to see how easily they could be dissolved, burned or otherwise disintegrated, using such agents as cigarette smoke, boiling water and liquid nitrogen. They claimed that the eyes of the confectionery “wouldn’t dissolve in anything”. Furthermore, Peeps are insoluble in acetone, water, diluted sulfuric acid, and sodium hydroxide. Concentrated sulfuric acid seems to have effects similar to the expected effects of sulfuric acid on sugar. -Wikipedia