A tribute to a crappy rustbelt city. –elchinen

This is by far the best Pittsburgh tourism video we’ve seen so far! Can you top this? Put together your own hastily made Pittsburgh video and if it’s good enough, we’ll give you front page coverage on Boring Pittsburgh!

This clip has it all!

  • Flooding
  • Pittsburgh parking truck
  • Snow
  • Snowplows
  • Steelers tattoos
  • Ben Roethlisberger getting humped on the field after a touchdown
  • Hosing mud after a flood
  • Yinzers
  • More snow
  • Slippy hills
  • A yinzer getting arrested (who is that guy?)
  • Donnie Iris
  • Snow again
  • The Point
  • Crazy Steelers fan bi-waving Terrible Towels!

The jingle in this video is so much better than this one. Here are the lyics:

Stand up and tell ’em you’re from Pittsburgh.
You got the spirit, tell ’em you’re from Pittsburgh.
Come on let’s here it, tell ’em you’re from Pittsburgh.
You’re such a great town, nothin’ gets you down.
You’re at the heart of it, Eleven’s part of it.
Stand up and tell ’em you’re from Pittsburgh!

Stand up and tell ’em you’re from Pittsburgh!