Brew House Pittsburgh Kickstarter Horror Film

If the living inhabitants of Pittsburgh aren’t exciting enough then what about the dead? Filmmakers John Sabatine and Vince Yanni use forgotten Pittsburgh corners as the backdrop for their upcoming horror film, “Brew House”.

In the film, five urban explorers take their popular internet show into an abandoned distillery in search of local history and decay. In classic Pittsburgh fashion, the dead interrupt… this time as ghosts, not zombies.

The filmmakers scouted and chose multiple locations to serve as their one, entrapping, nightmare house. Various areas of the greater Pittsburgh area including abandoned tunnels and warehouses, marred with graffiti and rust, set the mood with original, spray-painted messages like “Death Awaits All Who Enter.”

Starring a cast of rising, local talent, “Brew House” will be the first “found-footage” movie (i.e. The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity) debuting in 4K resolution, a quality-level that surpasses the current HD.

In the midst of their crowd-funding campaign, “Brew House” has already sparked national attention. And though Pittsburgh’s tax-credit funds Hollywood films to be shot in the area, resident filmmakers still work to stimulate creativity unique to our town. Learn more about the film, and buy the crew a coffee if you support creative Pittsburghers.

Brew House Pittsburgh Kickstarter Horror Film Movie Poster

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