Mister Rogers Gave the Middle Finger TWICE in this Video

Mister Rogers really did flip the bird

In this video, Mister Rogers gives not just one, but double middle finger gestures. Despite many folks online claiming the black and white photo of our friendly neighbor flipping the bird was a fake, including us, we’re now obligated to share this video proof of the actual event. Have as much fun with it as you wish, but no matter how much it makes you laugh, it won’t change the fact that it was obviously unintentional. Now f*ck off!

Mister Rogers really did flip the bird
Mister Rogers really did flip the bird

Author: BPGH Staff

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21 thoughts on “Mister Rogers Gave the Middle Finger TWICE in this Video”

  1. How do I put conditioner in my hair before I swim and still keep my swim cap on?I had an asthma attack at swim practice and I’m afraid to go back. Should I go or wait until I start meds?

  2. a). It was obviously NOT unintentional. Aside from the fact there is no indication of regret, he flew the bird twice. While smiling.

    b). This makes Mr. Rogers so much more meaningful to me. For sure, if I had seen this as a kid, it would have had a negative effect. Now, as a man in my mid-forties, this makes him much more real to me. A good, nice man who could also stand his ground with humor.

    This video makes me glad to have been mentored by Mr. Rogers.

    1. So, are you suggesting that Fred Rogers intended to flip the bird at little children? I would suggest that the sign of “the bird” was not popularized into Americana at the time of this video. Note that I’m not saying that it didn’t exist, just that it was not something that was ordinarily known to most americans, anymore than Samhain being the real meaning behind the (later perversion of) Halloween (or All Hallows Eve), nor of a number of other things that we all take for granted.

      1. Stegokitty:

        I presume this was an off-air moment, perhaps during rehearsals.

        Your assertion that flipping the bird was not well-known in the 1960’s is ridiculous. Your assertion just strikes me as a naive attempt to defend Mr. Rogers.

  3. Ahhh hang on a second. This video is not the one I saw when I linked in to it. All I saw was the out-take apparently.

    Still, I find it hard to believe that Mr. Rogers had no idea of what flipping the bird was.

  4. Well Dave, perhaps if you’d do only a minuscule amount of research, even on something as simple as Wikipedia, you’d see that there are very few incidences of it occurring in American culture. It actually LISTS a few of them from the sixties. And just because corrupt people know a thing doesn’t mean everyone knows it. When I was twelve years old, I didn’t know what the word “fag” meant. A friend of mine was making a funny face and saying “I’m a fag! I’m a fag!” So I imitated him on the bus a few days later. The bus driver asked me if I knew what a fag was. I said “It’s a silly person, isn’t it?” He said “No”, explained it to me. It’s not that I didn’t know that there were people who liked others of the same sex, it’s that I’d never heard the word before. My sister-in-law, just last week, was reading and laughing about this internet thing on the death of Pop-N-Fresh (a joke of course), which said he leaves behind his children John Dough Jane Dough, and Dill Dough. She didn’t get why that part was funny. She’s a 60-year-old woman, and doesn’t know what at dildo is. Get it now?

    1. Even reaching for humor, you are an evil, evil person. I hope you have found something better for your life in the past two years than persecuting the innocent.

  5. lol! It was obviously an accident, but I think you can see the ”oh S***!’ moment where he realizes what he just did @ around 0:25

  6. Do you know the origin of the “middle finger salute”?

    During the Battle of Agincourt, and other battles where the English longbowman was king, the middle finger and thumb were used to pull back the English Longbow’s bowstring. That weapon could penetrate a knight’s (nobleman’s) armor at VERY long ranges. So, it belittled a wealthyman’s expensive armor to the level of some sheepshagger’s weapon at VERY long ranges, proven quite expensively at the Battle of Agincourt (25 October 1415).
    When English longbowmen were captured by The French, their middle finger and thumb were cut off, making them unusable as bowmen. So, after Agincourt, English bowmen showed their middle finger and thumb in prominence before battles, to prove their bravery, even if captured.
    And THAT is the origin of “the bird”, unknown to many, irreverently respected by all as the ultimate sign of irreverence.

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