Music to My Beers - Coors and Stage AE

On recent afternoon it happened. I was at happy hour as I occasionally find myself. There was a moist warmth in the air, and the patio was open. A whisper of a flowery scent danced lightly on a light breeze. Behind me I could hear the buzzing of a bumble bee. Or maybe that was in my head, regardless, one thing was clear…Summer is coming. There will still be a few cold days, but soon the heat of summer will push winter out of our brains until frost, then snow is just a distant memory. Summer is cold beer season. To celebrate I drank the Coors Banquet shown above. It is getting warm outside, and it felt like the right thing to do.

This is how I usually spend my summer: Go outside, drink beer, go to a concert, drink beer, go to a festival, drink beer, watch baseball, drink beer, more live music and more beer drinking.

Concerts, festivals, beer festivals with bands. It all adds up quick. But that will change for a small group of lucky beer drinking music lovers. That’s because Stage AE and Coors Light are in cahoots to make this an awesome summer by giving away six ultimate Stage AE Season Passes for the summer. Yes, I just said, “cahoots.” A pass includes two tickets to every show at Stage AE until October 3rd, 2015. Winners will be selected on May 8th. As of right now there are 29 concerts scheduled to be held at Stage AE this summer.

Do you want to jam? My Morning Jacket. Widespread Panic. Do you indie rock out? Hozier, Marina and the Diamonds, and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Rap fan? Tech N9ne. Classic rock? Violent Femmes or Jane’s Addiction. 90‘s Nostalgia? Third-Eye Blind, and Sugar Ray. It keeps going. Colbie Caillat, The Gaslight Anthem, Old Crow Medicine Show.

The list is pretty ridiculous, and schedule for the end of September isn’t even up yet. 29 opportunities to rock out for free. You can check the entire list at When you aren’t spending money on concert tickets you have a lot more money left over for Coors Light tall boys at Stage AE.

And if you’re going to watch a show you want it to sound good. A long time before Music To My Beers came about, I wrote this about Stage AE after a summer concert:

…what you will get is a venue that is designed specifically for music. The sound was fucking unbelievable. No matter where I was the bands sounded great. The acoustics, or dear God, the glorious acoustics.

Stage AE is where you want to see concerts.

So, how do you win?

First, start drinking Coors and check out Beer Central. That doesn’t actually enter you to win, but I gotta think the good karma will help.

Second, follow the steps at Register your info so that if you do win you can actually get the tickets. Share it on Facebook.

Third, Keep entering on Twitter & Instagram. Share with the world. The internet world at least. You can enter by tweeting @CoorsPGH with where you are at drinking Coors Lights & #MusicToMyBeers, or by Instagramming a photo of your Coors Light, naming your favorite summer song and tagging it with #MusicToMyBeers.

For example, I might tweet, “@CoorsPGH Watching the Bucs @Lot17 w/a Coors #MusicToMyBeers.”

Or tag a photo on Instagram with “Summer Breeze @DiveBar #MusicToMyBeers.”

If you have never heard Seals & Croft sing “Summer Breeze” watch below (or click here) to change your life.

So, who wants to drink beer and go to concerts all summer? On second thought, I want to win this for myself. Ignore everything I just said. Don’t enter. More chances for me.

Cheers PGH, and good luck.